Simulation and optimization in quenching technology for automotive components

Felde, I.
Şimşir, Caner
Heat treatment is widely used in automotive industry from a simple immersion quenching of gears upto the complex production technology of press hardening. The selection of process parameters to develop the desired properties is challenging due to the complexity of the physical phenomena occuring during the manufacturing clycle. In the last decades several compuational methods have been applied successful to optimize the heat treatment processes. The paper is focusing on some examples demonstrating the state of the art of the simulation tools including the physical phenomena of quenching, the theoretical background of the coupled modek used for estimation the microstructure, mechanical propertis and deformation of automotive components heat treated.
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I. Felde and C. Şimşir, “Simulation and optimization in quenching technology for automotive components,” Chennai, Hindistan, 2013, p. 145, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: