Testing unit root and comparison of estimates



Testing Encoding and Retrieval Dynamics of Pairs Using Probed Recall Task
Hato, Tuğba; Kılıç Özhan, Aslı; Department of Psychology (2022-9)
In free recall, subjects tend to successively recall words studied in nearby positions, denoted as the contiguity effect, favoring the following word over the preceding one. Whereas in paired associates, recall probabilities of forward and backward recalls are approximately equal. The associative symmetry hypothesis (ASH) suggests holistic encoding of pairs, whereas the independent association hypothesis (IAH) separate the encoding of forward and backward. Two main classes of memory models aim to explain th...
Testing Conformance and Interoperability of eHealth Applications
Namli, T.; Dogac, A. (2010-01-01)
Objective: To explain the common conformance and interoperability testing requirements of eHealth applications through two case studies; one using a prominent eHealth messaging standard, namely HL7 v3 [1], and the other using Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) [2] Profiles and to describe how these testing requirements can be addressed through an automated, modular and scenario-based testing framework, namely TestBATN.
Testing distributed real-time systems with a distributed test approach
Öztaş, Gökhan; Schmidt, Şenan Ece; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2008)
Software testing is an important phase the of software development cycle which reveals faults and ensures correctness of the developed software. Distributed real-time systems are mostly safety critical systems for which the correctness and quality of the software is much more significant. However, majority of the current testing techniques have been developed for sequential (non real-time) software and there is a limited amount of research on testing distributed real-time systems. In this thesis, a proposed...
Test squence generation for a finite state machine using characterization sets
Gücün , Onur Mehmet; İnan, Kemal; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1995)
Test Data Generation by Dynamic Symbolic Execution: A Systematic Literature Review
Balcı, Halil İbrahim; Betin Can, Aysu; Tarhan, Ayça (null; 2019-09-25)
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