Development, design and realizaiton of wideband low distoriton power amplifier employing power mosfets.

Durmuş, Salih Zeki


Development and benchmark of an electrostatic PIC/MCC numerical code for simulation of gas discharge plasmas
Arda, İbrahim; Rafatov, İsmail; Department of Physics (2023-1-10)
This work deals with the development of the Particle-in-Cell/Monte Carlo Collision (PIC/MCC) numerical code for simulations of gas discharge plasmas. The study of these discharges is stimulated by various scientific and technological applications, which include surface modification, etching, lasers, spacecraft thrusters, plasma displays, and biomedicine. The efficient adoption of these discharges as sources of plasma for these applications depends on the ability to control plasma properties in the relevant ...
Development,design and realizaiton of an electric hemoglobinometer for clinical use.
Uslay, Serhat; Department of Electrical Engineering (1984)
Development and control of a single rod electro hydrostatic actuator
Çalışkan, Hakan; Balkan, Raif Tuna; Platin, Bülent Emre; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2015)
In this thesis a variable speed pump controlled electro hydrostatic drive system for a single rod actuator is developed. The problem of the single rod actuator in hydrostatic applications is the differential flow rate which is formed due to the asymmetric structure of the piston rod assembly. The hydraulic circuit solutions proposed in the literature commonly suffer from undesired pressure oscillations, which are named as system internal instability. This thesis, addresses the stability problem of the pump ...
Development, design and contruction of an electronic unit for use in suppression of stuttering
Ceyani, Ahmet; Bengi, Halil; Department of Electrical Engineering (1987)
Development and microfabrication of capacitive micromachinedultrasound transducers with diamond membranes
Cezar, Mehmet; Bayram, Barış; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
This thesis presents the development and microfabrication of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (CMUT) with diamond membranes for the first time in the literature. Although silicon and silicon nitride (Si3N4) membranes have been generally used as the membrane material in CMUTs. These membrane materials have moderate properties that can cause damage during the operation of CMUTs. In this thesis, a new material for the membrane is introduced for CMUTs. Diamond has exceptional potential in the are...
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S. Z. Durmuş, “Development, design and realizaiton of wideband low distoriton power amplifier employing power mosfets.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.