Perspectives on Development Incentives: 18th-Century Philosophers, India and Turkey



Perspectives on development incentives: 18th century philosophers, India and Turkey
Turan, Şeref Halil (Routledge, 2018-03-01)
Perspectives on Innovative Learning Environments
Gürbüz, Tarkan (null; 2016-07-20)
Reflections of social and cultural understandings of the state and non-governmental organizations about disability: dynamics of social exclusion
Girişmen, Gizem; Kalaycıoğlu, Hediye Sibel; Department of Social Policy (2017)
This thesis aims to explore the role of charity and charity based system of social policy in relation to social exclusion and disability as well as the structural and cultural factors behind charitable efforts targeting disabled people in Turkey. Within the scope of this study, social exclusion concept is accepted as a multidimensional process rather than an endpoint. Furthermore, it is argued that disabled people experience hybrid forms of exclusionary processes rooted in socioeconomic and cultural represe...
Reflections of cultural capital on exchange of populations : the case of cesme and alacati
Aslankan, Ali; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2008)
“Migration” is not a term that was totally alien for anyone throughout the history. However, Lausanne Convention of 30 January 1923 -between Greek and Turkish authorities- was a new page to conceptualize and comprise both the theoretical and practical frame of the “population transfer”. Thus, the problems encountered with the decision of proposing a new model of compulsory exchange of minorities resulted into social, economical, political and cultural transformation in the social space and the physical envi...
Perspectives on Turkish ground water resources
Yazıcıgil, Hasan (2003-05-01)
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Ş. H. Turan, Perspectives on Development Incentives: 18th-Century Philosophers, India and Turkey. 2018, p. 181.