A Pyrene-Capped N-Heteroacene

Swager, Tımothy M.
Dengiz, Çağatay


A bis-selenophene substituted alkoxy benzene derivative as a highly stable novel electrochromic polymer
Udum, Y. Arslan; Tarkuc, S.; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Elsevier BV, 2009-03-01)
Up to date there are few studies reporting the use of selenophene derivatives as electrochromic polymers. This report highlights the synthesis of a selenophene containing multi-ring aromatic polymer which possesses reasonable optical contrasts at both visible and near-IR regions. Electrochemical synthesis of a conducting polymer from a multi-ring aromatic monomer, 2-(2,5-bis(hexyloxy)-4-(selenophen-2-yl)phenyl)selenophene (BSB(OC6H13)(2)), was achieved at a lower potential than its corresponding parent, sel...
A soluble and multichromic conducting polythiophene derivative
Varis, Serhat; Ak, Metin; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Akhmedov, Idris Mecidoglu; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Elsevier BV, 2006-10-01)
A new soluble polythiophene derivative was synthesized by both chemical and electrochemical oxidative polymerization of 1-4-nitrophenyl-2,5-di(2-thienyl)-1H-pyrrole (SNSNO2). Chemical method produces a polymer which is completely soluble in organic solvents. The structures of both the monomer and the soluble polymer were elucidated by H-1 and C-13-NMR and FTIR. The average molecular weight has been determined by GPC to be Mn = 6.3 x 10(3) for the chemically synthesized polymer. P(SNSNO2) was also synthesize...
A pseudo-layered, elastic-plastic, flat-shell finite element
Darendeliler, Haluk; Turgut, A (1999-05-04)
A three-node, Co-type, layered flat-shell finite element is developed for the analysis of large elastic-plastic deformations in plate and shell structures. The system equations are derived by using virtual work principle and the updated Lagrangian formulation. Material is assumed to be isotropic and rate insensitive obeying J(2)-flow rule. The displacement field assumption of the MIN3 plate bending element is employed. A layered structure is used to model through-the-thickness distribution of elastic and pl...
A facile one-pot synthesis of 2-(prop-2-yn-1-ylidene)-2,3-dihydro-1,4-thiazepines
Yılmaz, Elif Serel; Zora, Metin (Informa UK Limited, 2020-11-01)
An unprecedented method for the synthesis of 2-(prop-2-yn-1-ylidene)-2,3-dihydro-1,4-thiazepines from N-(2,4-pentadiynyl) beta-enaminones is reported. Upon treatment with Lawesson's reagent, N-(2,4-pentadiynyl) beta-enaminones were thionated to furnish N-(2,4-pentadiynyl) beta-enaminothiones, which immediately underwent 7-exo-dig cyclization to generate 2-(prop-2-yn-1-ylidene)-2,3-dihydro-1,4-thiazepines in one-pot. A general trend was observed for various N-(2,4-pentadiynyl) beta-enaminones and cyclization...
A triazoloquinoxaline and benzodithiophene bearing low band gap copolymer for electrochromic and organic photovoltaic applications
HACIOGLU, Serife O.; UNLU, Naime A.; AKTAS, Ece; HIZALAN, Gonul; Yildiz, Esra D.; Çırpan, Ali; Toppare, Levent Kamil (2017-06-01)
A new triazoloquinoxaline and benzodithiophene based copolymer was synthesized to investigate its electro-chemical, optical and photovoltaic behaviors. According to the polymer design, combination of two acceptor units (benzotriazole and quinoxaline) which contribute imine bonds to the structure and a triazoloquinoxaline unit for enhancing electron accepting ability was pursued. As a result of electrochemical studies, the copolymer PTQBDT has a low lying HOMO energy level as - 5.23 eV which increases the ch...
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T. M. Swager and Ç. Dengiz, “A Pyrene-Capped N-Heteroacene,” Synfacts, pp. 818–818, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://www.thieme-connect.com/products/ejournals/abstract/10.1055/s-0036-1590715.