Proceeding Towards Proficiency



Progresses in parallel random number generators
Kaşıkara Tenekecioğlu, Gülin; Kiper, Ayşe; Department of Computer Engineering (2005)
Monte Carlo simulations are embarrassingly parallel in nature, so having a parallel and efficient random number generator becomes crucial. To have a parallel generator with uncorrelated processors, parallelization methods are implemented together with a binary tree mapping. Although, this method has considerable advantages, because of the constraints arising from the binary tree structure, a situation defined as problem of falling off the tree occurs. In this thesis, a new spawning method that is based on b...
Following the structure and reactivity of Tuncbilek lignite during pyrolysis and hydrogenation
Kanca, Arzu; Dodd, Matthew; Reimer, Jeffrey A.; Üner, Deniz (2016-11-01)
Combustion, pyrolysis and hydropyrolysis reactivity of Tuncbilek lignite was monitored by temperature programmed pyrolysis (TPP) under pure nitrogen flow, temperature programmed oxidation (TPO) under air flow and temperature programmed hydrogenation (TPH) under hydrogen flow at atmospheric pressure in a packed bed reactor. The structures of the organic and inorganic components were analyzed by NMR spectroscopy and XRD. Only methane and hydrogen were the main products of TPP while small amounts of CO and CO2...
Leading to a Better Understanding of the Particle-in-a-Quantum-Corral Model
Agcali, Rahime Yagmur; Atik, Bahar; Bilgen, Ecenaz; Karli, Berfu; Danışman, Mehmet Fatih (2019-01-01)
Understanding the concepts of quantum mechanics has always been a challenge for undergraduate students. This is especially so because many of the introductory (analytically solvable) systems and problems discussed in textbooks are seemingly abstract. Using approximate experimental demonstrations of such systems and problems have been shown to be very helpful in teaching and illustrating the basic concepts of quantum mechanics. One such system is the particle-inside-a-ring system, whose experimental demonstr...
Towards more reliable and cost effective superconducting generators for wind turbines
Keysan, Ozan; Burchell, J.; Mueller, M.A. (2014-01-01)
For large(~10 MW) wind turbines, direct-drive superconducting generators are proposed to reduce the tower head mass, which help to reduce the installation costs. Most of the existing designs has a very similar topology: a synchronous machine with a rotating superconducting field winding. However, this topology may not be the most suitable design for harsh offshore conditions. A novel transverse flux design is presented in this paper. The design has stationary and modular superconducting field windings combi...
Further studies on the flotation of the colemanite.
Ayok, Turhan; Department of Chemistry (1975)
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