Matematiksel Modelleme Nedir?

Mumcu, Filiz
Uslu, Nilüfer Atman
Yıldız, Bahadır
Sevinç, Şerife
Kaya, Gökhan


Matematiksel Programlama Kullanarak Katkılı Çimento Bileşenlerinin Oranlarının Tahmini
Şendil, Mustafa Nuri; Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye (2014-01-01)
Mathematical ontology the question of the mathematical source of objectivity
Dorrikhteh, Omid; Grünberg, David; Department of Philosophy (2019)
This thesis traces the source of mathematical objectivity, as an approach to justify mathematical properties to be real, through how our mind and language were evolved. In the mirror of the indispensability argument, and the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics, it will be argued that the reason why the world and the mind exhibit ontologically similar structures (and properties) is because they have the same ontological origin. Accordingly, it will be shown that (1) why/how that “the world and the mind...
An investigation on theses and dissertations on mathematical modeling in Turkey in the last two decades.
Koç, Dilek; Sevinç, Şerife; Department of Mathematics and Science Education (2020)
In line with the developing science and technology, mathematical modeling which links up real life and mathematics has become increasingly popular, and the number of studies conducted on mathematical modeling has increased recently. This study aimed to investigate master thesis (MS) and doctoral dissertations (Ph.D.) completed over the last two decades in Turkey to understand the portrait of mathematical modeling, by particularly focusing on the Models-and Modeling Perspective (MMP). The features and nature...
Matematiksel Pratiğe Sadık Kalmak: Penelope Maddy'nin Kaçınılmazlık Argümanına İtirazları
Kadıoğlu, Dilek (2018-12-01)
Density based clustering using mathematical morphology
Erdem, Coşku; Çetin, Yasemin; Department of Information Systems (2007)
Improvements in technology, enables us to store large amounts of data in warehouses. In parallel, the need for processing this vast amount of raw data and translating it into interpretable information also increases. A commonly used solution method for the described problem in data mining is clustering. We propose "Density Based Clustering Using Mathematical Morphology" (DBCM) algorithm as an effective clustering method for extracting arbitrary shaped clusters of noisy numerical data in a reasonable time. T...
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F. Mumcu, N. A. Uslu, B. Yıldız, Ş. Sevinç, and G. Kaya, Matematiksel Modelleme Nedir? 2019, p. 15.