Perception-Based Navigation for Mobile Robots

Kawamura, Kazuhiko
Wilkes, D Mitch
Koku, Ahmet Buğra
Keskinpala, Türker
In March 2002, the Naval Research Laboratory brought together leading researchers and government sponsors for a three-day workshop in Washington, D.C. on Multi-Robot Systems. The workshop began with presentations by various government program managers describing application areas and programs with an interest in multi­ robot systems. Government representatives were on hand from the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force, the Army Research Lab, the National Aeronau­ tics and Space Administration, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Top researchers then presented their current activities in the areas of multi­ robot systems and human-robot interaction. The first two days of the workshop of1ocalizatio~. concentrated on multi-robot control issues, including the topics mapping, and navigation; distributed surveillance; manipulation; coordination and formations; and sensors and hardware. The third day was focused on hu­ man interactions with multi-robot teams. All presentations were given in a single-track workshop format. This proceedings documents the work presented by these researchers at the workshop. The invited presentations were followed by panel discussions, in which all participants interacted to highlight the challenges of this field and to develop possible solutions. In addition to the invited research talks, students were given an opportunity to present their work at poster sessions.
Citation Formats
K. Kawamura, D. M. Wilkes, A. B. Koku, and T. Keskinpala, Perception-Based Navigation for Mobile Robots. 2002, p. 234.