Organizational depression as an illness of the time: A phenomenological study of teachers’ experiences at high schools.

Depression which means hole, collapse was used in the 14th century for the first time. Then it placed in some languages such as Latin, French and English and the concept of depression is one of the most popular subject in psychology (Nişanyan, 2012; Valpy, 1828). Accordig to the data of World Health Organization, 121 million of people are in depression (Lewis, 2012). Cohen and Cohen (1993) states that organizations might become ill as people do. Organizations are defined as a group that people come together to reach specific targets work collaboratley in a coordination (Aytaç, 2004). And when the organizations do not reach their expectations, do not see a future or encounter th danger of extinction, they are affected badly and give some reactions that has negative effect for itself. One of these psychological reactions is organizational depression (Bilchik, 2000; Cohen ve Cohen,1993). According to Bilchik (2000), organizational depression is stagnation in the orgaization, not planning the future, not not having vision and giving up trying. Feeling of hopelessness is common in organizations which have depression. Employees think that organization is worthless and guilty because of the negative events there. Moreover, they don’t have positive expectations about the organization. For that reason, there is no dynamism, on the contrary, employees seem and behave like walking dead. Most of the time, organization does not have a vision, it is closed to new opinions and innovations (Dökmen, 2013). Depression emerged in the organization may affect its environment as well. If depression appears in a company, depression can only affect a small number of people, but if depression appears in a school, it can lead to big damage in the country. Because, schools are educational organizations and individuals can be affected easily through education. One of the most important factor that shape psychological structure of school is school principals. Their attitude plays an important role on people who work in schools (Şişman, 2004). In other words, school principals are the key element, because they might lead to appear or disappear depression in the schools. In this context, this study aims to determine views of teachers concerning organizational depression at high schools. The study will respond the research questions below: What are the characteristics that make teachers happy or melancholic in the organization? What are the teachers’ perceptions concerning organizational depression at High school?
European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), (3 - 07 Eylül 2018)


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