Finite Groups which Act Freely on Smooth Schoen Threefolds



Finite groups having nonnormal TI subgroups
Kızmaz, Muhammet Yasir (2018-08-01)
In the present paper, the structure of a finite group G having a nonnormal T.I. subgroup H which is also a Hall pi-subgroup is studied. As a generalization of a result due to Gow, we prove that H is a Frobenius complement whenever G is pi-separable. This is achieved by obtaining the fact that Hall T.I. subgroups are conjugate in a finite group. We also prove two theorems about normal complements one of which generalizes a classical result of Frobenius.
Finite groups admitting fixed-point free automorphisms of order pqr
Ercan, Gülin (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2004-01-01)
Finite groups which have strongly embedded subgroups.
Hamad, Abdulaziz H; Department of Mathematics (1980)
Finite groups admitting a dihedral group of automorphisms
Ercan, Gülin (2017-01-01)
Let D = alpha, beta be a dihedral group generated by the involutions alpha and beta and let F = alpha beta). Suppose that D acts on a finite group G by automorphisms in such a way that C-G(F)= 1. In the present paper we prove that the nilpotent, length of the group Cr' is equal to the maximum of the nilpotent lengths of the subgroups C-G (alpha) and C-G(beta).
Küçük, Başak; Pamuk, Semra; Department of Mathematics (2022-7-21)
In the area of group actions on manifolds, we either fix a group G and ask the question whether G acts or not on some certain manifolds or we fix the manifold M and ask which groups can act on M in a certain way. In this thesis, we will focus on the latter; present some known and recent results about finite group actions on closed, connected, orientable four-manifolds. The group actions that are considered are topological and locally linear. We will give a detailed overview of the rank conditions of the gro...
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