Vibrationally Excited Satellite Atttiude Actuator A Feasibity Study

Tekinalp, Ozan
Akbulut, Burak
Azgın, Kıvanç
A new attitude control actuator, the vibrating mass gyroscope is considered. The actuator transforms the vibratory motion of a single gimbal gyroscope to a positive or negative, fluctuating control torque. The equations of motion for such an actuator are presented. The feasibility of construction of such an actuator is investigated. Possible means of realizing the vibratory motion is proposed.
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O. Tekinalp, B. Akbulut, and K. Azgın, “Vibrationally Excited Satellite Atttiude Actuator A Feasibity Study,” presented at the RAST 2015, Recent Advances on Space Technologies (16-19 Haziran 2015), İstanbul, Türkiye, 2015, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: