Vibration isolation of inertial measurement unit

Çınarel, Dilara
Sensitive devices are affected by extreme vibration excitations during operation so require isolation from high levels of vibration excitations. When these excitation characteristics of the devices are well known, the vibration isolation can be achieved accurately. However, it is possible to have expected profile information of the excitations with respect to frequency. Therefore, it is practical and useful to implement this information in the design process for vibration isolation. In this thesis, passive vibration isolation technique is examined and a computer code is developed which would assist the isolator selection process. Several sample cases in six degree of freedom are designed for a sample excitation and for sample assumptions defined for an inertial measurement unit. Different optimization methods for design optimizations are initially compared and then different designs are arranged according to the optimization results using isolators from catalogues for these sample cases. In the next step, the probable designs are compared according to their isolator characteristics. Finally, one of these designs are selected for each case, taking into account both the probable location deviations and property deviations of isolators.
Citation Formats
D. Çınarel, “Vibration isolation of inertial measurement unit,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.