Students Mental Models about the Quantization of Physical Observables

Didiş Körhasan, Nilüfer
Eryılmaz, Ali
Erkoç, Şakir


Students Conceptions About Decimals And Connection With Fractions
Girit, Dilek; Akyüz, Didem (2013-09-10)
Students understanding of limit concept: an apos perspective
Çetin, İbrahim; Özden, Yaşar; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2009)
The main purposes of this study is to investigate first year calculus students’ understanding of formal limit concept and change in their understanding after limit instruction designed by the researcher based on APOS theory. The case study method was utilized to explore the research questions. The participants of the study were 25 students attending first year calculus course in Middle East Technical University in Turkey. Students attended five weeks instruction depending on APOS theory in the fall semester...
Students Mental Models on Acids and Bases via Alternative Assessment
Çetin Dindar, Ayla; Geban, Ömer (null; 2015-09-24)
Students encounter many real life events from an early age and they relate to what they already know and construct cohe rent understanding of these events. During in chemistry learning process, students often experience difficulties and lack conceptual understanding of basic concepts even though their effort. In the current study, acids and bases concepts were investigated, which is one of the fundamental topics in chemistry and easily influenced by daily language and experiences. The participants were 40 e...
Students' informal statistical inferences through data modeling with a large multivariate dataset
Kazak, Sibel; Fujita, Taro; Turmo, Manoli Pifarre (2023-01-01)
In today's age of information, the use of data is very powerful in making informed decisions. Data analytics is a field that is interested in identifying and interpreting trends and patterns within big data to make data-driven decisions. We focus on informal statistical inference and data modeling as a means of developing students' data analytics skills in school. In this study, we examine how students apply the data modeling process to draw informal inferences when exploring trends, patterns and relationsh...
Students informal inference about the binomial distribution of Bunny hops A Dialogic perspective
Kazak, Sibel; Fujita, Taro; Wegerif, Rupert (2016-11-01)
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