Assessment of Nanostructured Inorganic Consolidants Used in Stone Conservation Practice



Assessment of antimicrobial and coagulant activities of CBRN decontamination materials
Tosun, Barış Çağrı; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni; Department of Biology (2022-2)
CBRN Defense is an emerging interdisciplinary branch of science that combines physics, chemistry and biology together in a unique and complementary way. Concept of decontamination, which is a necessity to neutralize or reduce the spread of contaminants, is one of the key topics in this area of study, and many of the commercially available products are in liquid form and mainly intended to be used for decontamination of environment and equipments. Material used in this study is in powder form that is not dis...
Assessment of biodegradable controlled release rod systems for pain relief applications
Sendil, D; Wise, DL; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat (2002-01-01)
Control of chronic, severe pain is a difficult and important clinical problem for most patients, especially those with cancer, Although current applications are insufficient for a satisfactory solution to this problem, the rate of disease incidence is increasing worldwide, thus making the problem more apparent. Based on this fact, this study was designed with the ultimate goal of formulating a controlled release system of pain relievers, mainly opioids, for the local treatment of pain to achieve satisfactor...
Assessment of flexible single crystal silicon thin film transistors
Kozan, Muammer; Oral, Ahmet; Department of Micro and Nanotechnology (2019)
Mechanically flexible large-area electronics are becoming more popular with such devices as sensors and medical devices. Organic, inorganic and organic/inorganic hybrid materials have been used for these systems. Although inorganic silicon is used for these systems, it is mostly in the amorphous or polycrystal form. Electron and hole mobilities for these forms are lower than single-crystal silicon. Therefore, to make a high-performance transistors single crystal silicon should be used. In this thesis, flexi...
Assessment of Toxicity and Biodegradability of Pulping Effluents by Electrolytic Respirometry
Katmer, Pervin; Dilek, Filiz Bengü; Gökçay, Celal (1997-10-09)
Assessment of InSb photodetectors on Si substrates
Ozer, S; Beşikci, Cengiz (IOP Publishing, 2003-03-07)
We present the detailed characteristics of small area (33 x 33 mum(2)) InSb photodiodes grown on GaAs coated Si substrates by molecular beam epitaxy. In spite of very large lattice mismatch, 80 K peak detectivity of similar to1 x 10(10) cm Hz(1/2) W-1 has been measured under backside illumination without anti-reflection coating. Differential resistance at 80 K is limited by Ohmic leakage under small reverse bias and trap assisted tunnelling (TAT) under moderately large reverse bias. In the temperature range...
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