Entrepreneurial adaptation in the video game industry: A case for game developers in a Turkish university technopark

Durukan, Cansu
Narooz, Rose
Wasti Pamuksuz, Syeda Nazlı


Entrepreneurial adaptation in the video game industry: A case of game developers in a Turkish university techno park
Durukan, Cansu; Narooz, Rose; Wasti Pamuksuz, Syeda Nazlı (null; 2018-09-03)
Entrepreneurial networks in professional businesses: A case study of urban planners in Ankara
Varol, Çiğdem; Özcan, Gül Berna; Department of Regional Planning (1996)
Entrepreneurial networks in local industrial development: a comparative analysis of Denizli and Gaziantep cases
Varol, Çigdem; Kayasü, Serap; Department of City and Regional Planning (2002)
Since the early 1970s, the nature of production has changed quite fundamentally. The changes in economic and social system caused new organisational forms and complex spatial behaviours. Networking which has emerged as a new perspective on the organisation of production help greatly to understand the success of businesses, thus regions. The aim of this thesis is to put forward the importance of networks, which are defined as set of relations, in the context of local industrial development. In this context, ...
Entrepreneurial decision-making in the video game industry: a study on entrepreneurs based in the METU Technopark
Durukan, Cansu; Wasti Pamuksuz, S. Nazlı.; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2019)
This study aims to investigate the phases of the journey of entrepreneurs who are faced with high dynamism and uncertainty pertaining to the video game industry, which environmental factors impact their decisions and to what extent effectuation theory of Sarasvathy can explain decision-making process in this context. To this end, twenty-two semi-structured interviews were conducted with entrepreneurs located in METU Technopark, Turkey, and findings were interpreted with grounded theory method. Entrepreneurs...
Entrepreneurial team characteristics, environmental scanning and networking: impact on organizational innovativeness in smes
Tüten, Dilek; Aşcıgil, Semra Feriha; Department of Business Administration (2009)
The main purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of entrepreneurial team demographics, environmental scanning and networking on innovativeness. For this purpose, small and medium enterprises in Bursa region were chosen. A total of 74 general managers/owners filled out the questionnaire. Information about company, team members and firms’ environmental scanning, innovativeness and networking activities was collected. As hypothesized, findings supported the view that entrepreneurial team demogr...
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C. Durukan, R. Narooz, and S. N. Wasti Pamuksuz, “Entrepreneurial adaptation in the video game industry: A case for game developers in a Turkish university technopark,” 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://conference.bam.ac.uk/BAM2018/htdocs/conference_papers.php?track_name=Cultural%20and%20Creative%20Industries#Developmental%20Papers.