An Investigation of Turkish Pre-service Teachers’ New Media Literacy

Kara, Mehmet
Caner, Sonay
Günay Gökben, Ayşe
İşgör Şimşek, Esra
Cengiz, Behice Ceyda


An Investigation of Turkish Pre-service Teachers’ New Media Literacy
Kara, Mehmet; Caner, Sonay; Günay Gökben, Ayşe; İşgör Şimşek, Esra; Songül, Behice Ceyda (null; 2017-03-05)
The advent of new media necessitates the integration of new media into education. Thus, it is a requisite for teachers to have New Media Literacy (NML). The present study aims to investigate preservice teachers’ NML level by adapting a current comprehensive NML survey, which includes ten scales, to Turkish language. The data were collected from 972 preservice teachers enrolled in 11 teacher training programs in five public universities in Turkey. The construct validity, internal consistency, item consistenc...
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For young children, play is part of their lives and the benefits of it for children of all ages have been recognized by many studies. By simply spending time playing, children have the opportunity to take part in activities that help them to improve their imagination, problem solving, creativity, and memory. With the first-hand experience of the world around them, children explore and make sense of life as well as express their feelings freely. During play, children also experience and work through several ...
An Investigation of pre-service elementary mathematics teachers’ techno-pedagogical content knowledge within the context of their teaching practices
Balgalmış, Esra; Çakıroğlu, Erdinç; Department of Elementary Education (2013)
The goal of the case study was to investigate the contribution of field experience and the reflection-on-practice process on Turkish Pre-service Teachers’ TPACK. In 2011-2012 fall semester, the research was conducted with the participation of three PSTs. PSTs designed and implemented three technology-based lessons, primarily with GeoGebra. They were observed during the lesson and interviewed before and after each lesson implementation to reflect on their teaching. The data collection methods were reflective...
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M. Kara, S. Caner, A. Günay Gökben, E. İşgör Şimşek, and B. C. Cengiz, “An Investigation of Turkish Pre-service Teachers’ New Media Literacy,” 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: