An Investigation of Preschool Teachers’ Role During Playtime

Gülhan, Meryem
Sevimli Çelik, Serap
For young children, play is part of their lives and the benefits of it for children of all ages have been recognized by many studies. By simply spending time playing, children have the opportunity to take part in activities that help them to improve their imagination, problem solving, creativity, and memory. With the first-hand experience of the world around them, children explore and make sense of life as well as express their feelings freely. During play, children also experience and work through several feelings helping them to regulate their emotional states. It is, therefore, necessary for teachers not only give children a plenty of time to play during the day but also being involved in their play when necessary. In this research, the aim is to examine the preschool teacher’s role via conducting semi-structured interviews with the teachers and the observations of their behaviours during playtime. The questions in the interviews aim to investigate the value given to playtime in a daily routine, the attitude the teachers have toward spontaneous play, and the types of play practices they provide for children. The results of the study provide important insights for both pre-service and in-service teacher education. For in-service teachers, more professional development opportunities are necessary to internalise the importance of play and their role during playtime. Similarly, teacher education programs needs to include more courses on play pedagogy along with the research agendas on the benefits of play in young children’s development.
27th ICCP World Play Conference Researching Play - Opportunuties and Challenges (15 - 17 Haziran 2017)


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