What is the north star of the teacher s curriculum or national exams

Ünal, Cezmi
Peşman, Haki
Özdemir, Ömer Faruk


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Sınayuç, Çağlar (null; 2014-12-06)
What are elementary teachers expectations regarding reasoning and proof in school mathematics
İşler Baykal, Işıl (null; 2016-07-24)
What is the place of culture in English classes? EFL instructors’ opinions and practices
Gürbüz, Nurdan (2019-05-09)
Culture, a commonly visited concept in English language teaching research, has been integral to language classes. There is a broad range of issues to consider such as which cultural information to teach or how to teach it, which influence classroom practices. The present study investigated the place of culture for ten English language instructors teaching at tertiary level across state and private universities in Turkey. The findings revealed that the EFL instructors’ opportunities to raise their cul...
What are the supply and demand factors in preparing educators
Bryant, Bj; Bradley, Kelly; Sampson, Shannon; Loadman, Wıllıam E; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim (null; 2005-02-23)
What are the prospects for Turkey-EU cooperation in foreign policy? Compatibility of Turkish foreign policy with the EU foreign policy
Torun, Zerrin (2018-10-08)
This paper analyses Turkish foreign policy under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government with a view to identify its compatibility with that of the European Union. The paper starts with a section on characteristics and evolution of Turkish foreign policy. Following this, it focuses on the foreign policy of AKP governments, which have been in power since 2002. Between 2002 and 2011 examples of divergence between Turkish and EU foreign policies can be observed. However, the prevailing ethos ...
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