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Research Data (2)

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Alarcon-Padilla, Diego-Cesar (1)
Baker, Derek Keıth (1)
Gedik, Eylul (1)
Tarı, İlker (1)
Çubukçu, Nilay (1)

Climate Change (1)
Concentrated Solar (1)
Desalination (1)
Energy Carrier (1)
Greenhouse Gases (1)

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2021 - 2022 (2)

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Dataset (2)

Recent Submissions

Hybridized PV and CSP for Desalination: Techno-Economic Analysis of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant Powered by Hybridized PV and CSP Systems for Irrigation Water
Gedik, Eylul; Alarcon-Padilla, Diego-Cesar; Baker, Derek Keıth (2022-8-17)
Large market opportunities exist for solar powered Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination tech-nologies in fertile but arid areas with large solar and sea water resources. A challenge to real-izing these markets is the variable...
Sustainable carbon constrained energy generation perspectives: Dataset
Çubukçu, Nilay; Tarı, İlker (2021-12-7)
There is a consensus that climate change, which is about to become a major disaster for humankind, is largely due to anthropogenic activities. Greenhouse gases (dominated by CO2) emissions play a dominant role there. Maj...
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