New Room Acoustics Tool for Architects: RAT (Room Acoustics Tool)

Özgenel, Çağlar Fırat
Sorguç, Arzu


New TEMPO containing polymers for all polymeric oxidation procedure
Öztürk, Perihan; Yücel, Ece Ayça; Akdağ, Akın (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-02-01)
2,2,6,6-Tetramethylpiperidine 1-oxyl (TEMPO) is a versatile compound which is used mainly in organic oxidation reactions and organic battery applications. Incorporating TEMPO into a polymer could provide many applications into its repertoire. In this study, new polymeric TEMPO derivatives are synthesized and characterized to be used as catalysts in the presence of another polymer which constitutes N-halamine functionality. These polymeric mixtures were superior since the mixture could easily be separated fr...
New steel damper with displacement dependent recentering for seismic protection of structures
Dicleli, Murat (2015-09-23)
In this paper, a summary of analytical and experimental studies into the behavior of a new hysteretic damper, designed for seismic protection of structures is presented. The Multi-directional Torsional Hysteretic Damper (MTHD) is a patented invention in which a symmetrical arrangement of identical cylindrical steel elementsis so configured as to yield in torsion while the structure experiences planar movements due to earthquake shakings. The device has gone through many sta...
New product introduction incentives for suppliers and a common retailer
Kırcı, Kubilay.; Karaer, Özgen; Department of Industrial Engineering (2020)
In this thesis, we investigate the effect of the new product introduction in a supply chain of two suppliers and a common retailer. We study two settings. In this first, we find the two-product equilibrium in which each supplier produces one product and sells his product through a two echelon supply chain. In the first stage, suppliers announce their wholesale price simultaneously. Then, the retailer sets the retail price that maimizes her profit. In the second setting, one of the suppliers considers introd...
New Energy-Aware Evaluation Metric for Compression Circuits
Rashid, Muhammad S.; Muhtaroglu, Ali (2017-12-02)
Counter and compressor circuits are key building blocks in digital processing. Much effort has been spent on optimization of individual compression circuits based on traditional performance evaluation metrics, such as compression ratio (C-R). More recently used C-R/Gate-Delay metric reflects compression capability and performance of compression blocks simultaneously, but it does not give an insight into power consumption, which is a vital parameter in contemporary systems with prevailing battery life and po...
New generation planar chiral metamaterials with small and constant chirality over a certain frequency band
Dincer, Furkan; Karaaslan, Muharrrem; Akgol, Oguzhan; ÜNAL, EMİN; Demirel, Ekrem; Sabah, Cumali (2015-01-10)
Chiral metamaterial (MTM) researchers generally concentrate and aim to obtain large chirality with optical activity in certain frequencies. However, new generation planar chiral MTM which have small and constant/flat chirality over a certain frequency band have not queried by this time in literature. In fact, this area is mostly ignored by researchers. This study, first one according to best of our knowledge in the literature, is investigating the small and constant/fixed chirality and focuses on the new ge...
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Ç. F. Özgenel and A. Sorguç, New Room Acoustics Tool for Architects: RAT (Room Acoustics Tool). 2013.