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A heuristic approach for profit-oriented disassembly scheduling problem

Kaya Akça, Melike
Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin
Çetinkaya, Ferda Can
A heuristic approach for profit oriented disassembly sheduling problem Melike Kaya Akça, METU-Industrial Engineering Dept., Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Turkey, kamelike@metu.edu.tr, Z. Pelin Bayindir, Ferda Can Cetinkaya We consider a disassembly scheduling problem for multiple products with parts commonality and ample supply of discarded products. We propose a heuristic algorithm which is based on the idea of sequentially solving a relaxed version of the problem and single-period integer pro- gramming models. In a computational study, the performance of the heuristic approach is assessed. The results of the computational exper- iments indicate that the heuristic algorithm solves the problems in a reasonable computational time and generates near optimal solutions.