“Ottoman Background to the National Refugee Regime in Turkey,”



‘O’ is for Organic : An ecological perspective for Online Learning
Gündoğan, Mihraç Banu (IGI Global, 2011-01-01)
‘oagait’ : a decision support system for grading knee osteoarthritis using gait data
Şen Köktaş, Nigar; Yalabık, Neşe; Department of Information Systems (2008)
Gait analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing quantitative information about walking patterns of the people. Gait analysis enables the clinicians to differentiate gait deviations objectively. Diagnostic decision making from gait data only requires high level of medical expertise of neuromusculoskeletal system trained for the purpose. An automated system is expected to decrease this requirement by a ‘transformed knowledge’ of these experts. This study presents a clinical decision support system fo...
“We are similar”: Student Teachers’ Solidarity Seeking Strategiesin Post-teaching Conferences
Gümüşok, Fatma (null; 2019-09-03)
“Tose`ye Honar va Memari dar Iran, dar Dorane Hokmraniye Jahan shumule Tork ha"
Peker, Ali Uzay (2016-01-01)
“Bilim ve sanat aylık kültür dergisi” a periodical witness to troubled times
Arıkan, Gökhan; Kaya, Ahmet Raşit; Department of Media and Cultural Studies (2015)
The subject matter of this study is the monthly cultural magazine Bilim ve Sanat, which was published right after the Coup of 12 September. In authoritarian political regimes, printed press serves as almost the sole organized means to express opposition to the repressive politics. In the history of Turkish press especially the left forces have a rich tradition in this manner. This study aims to illuminate the position and contribution of Bilim ve Sanat's to this tradition; as it was a periodical started by ...
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