New ways of organizing work in the public sector The Turkish public education case

EGOS Colloquium, (6 - 09 Temmuz 2011)


New Forms of resistance in Employment Relations The example of School teachers of Turkey
Özoğlu, Burçak (2014-05-24)
New avenues for regional innovation systems - Theoretical advances, empirical cases and policy lessons
Erdil, Erkan (Informa UK Limited, 2019-01-01)
New Ways in Teaching with Humor New ways in TESOL
Kızılcık, Hale Hatice (null, TESOL Press, 2016-01-01)
New conceptualizations of democracy in an age of information technology : a critical appraisal
Kejanlıoğlu, D. Beybin; Kaya, Raşit; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (1989)
New forms of discrimination and exclusion : adjofication of Romani communities in Turkey
Önder, Özhan; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut; Department of Sociology (2013)
Romani communities having concrete frontiers with the rest of the society are strongly being transformed to the forms which are acceptable for the trends of these surrounding societies by late 20th century. Therefore the needs the dissertation is intended to cover, in accordance to such problems in the existing literature defined, are to explore and deepen questions about Romani communities from a scholar point of view which is critical not only to the low facilities the communities have but also to the ten...
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