Kütle Hareketlerinin izlenmesinde fiber optik sistemlerin kullanımı

Uluslararası Doğal Afet ve Afet Yönetimi Sempozyumu (DAAYS’16), (02 - 04 Mart 2016)


An Optical Fiber Early Warning System for Monitoring Mass Movements and for Assessing the Effect of the Triggering Factors
Arslan Kelam, Arzu; Akgün, Haluk (2019-10-03)
The purpose of this research is to generate an early warning system for large mass movements that utilize optical fibers. Optical fibers are preferred due to their suitability in field conditions as well as their continuous and fast data transfer characteristics. The optical fiber system is composed of optical fiber cables and a device called BOTDA. This system measures mass movement in terms of relative strain that changes due to the relocation of the cable. In addition, the system can monitor the effects ...
Viscous time scale in accreting powered pulsars and anomalous X-ray pulsars
İçdem, Burçin; Baykal, Altan; Department of Physics (2011)
In this thesis we analyse X-ray data of accretion powered low mass and high mass X-ray binaries to understand the nature of their accretion mechanisms by searching for some clues of viscous time-scales of their accretion discs, if they have, in their low frequency power density spectra created from their long-term X-ray observations, or by doing pulse timing analysis with much shorter X-ray data to detect the effects of torque fluctuations caused by the accreting material on the pulsar. The low mass and hig...
Problems of Massive Gravity
Boybeyi, Töre Deniz; Tekin, Bayram; Department of Physics (2021-8-5)
In this thesis, the general properties of massive gravitation theories are outlined. Particular attention is given to the van Dam-Veltman-Zakharov discontinuity which arises in the massless limit of massive theories. Also, the observational, holographic, and thermodynamic properties of these theories are mentioned.
Basics of massive spin-2 theories
Kürekçi, Şahin; Tekin, Bayram; Department of Physics (2015)
In this thesis, basics of massive spin-2 theories are studied. The theory of general relativity cannot explain some problems in very small and in very large scales and it needs a modification. The way of modifying general relativity by giving mass to the propagating particle graviton is called massive gravity. The first correct massive gravity theory is the linear theory written by Fierz and Pauli. However, later on it has been found that this theory does not match up with the physical predictions of genera...
Kütle-çekiminin metrik kuramları: perturbasyonlar ve korunum yasaları
Tekin, Bayram (Walter de Gruyter, Inc., 2017-04-01)
By focusing on the mostly used variational methods, this monograph aspires to give a unified description and comparison of various ways of constructing conserved quantities for perturbations and to study symmetries in general relativity and modified theories of gravity. The main emphasis lies on the field-theoretical covariant formulation of perturbations, the canonical Noether approach and the Belinfante procedure of symmetrisation. The general formalism is applied to build the gauge-invariant cosmological...
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