Basics of massive spin-2 theories

Kürekçi, Şahin
In this thesis, basics of massive spin-2 theories are studied. The theory of general relativity cannot explain some problems in very small and in very large scales and it needs a modification. The way of modifying general relativity by giving mass to the propagating particle graviton is called massive gravity. The first correct massive gravity theory is the linear theory written by Fierz and Pauli. However, later on it has been found that this theory does not match up with the physical predictions of general relativity in the zero mass limit. This discontinuity in the mass parameter of the theory is called the van Dam-Veltman-Zakharov (vDVZ) discontinuity. When the method of Stueckelberg providing to preserve the gauge symmetry of the massless theory to take a smooth limit is applied to the theory of massive gravity it was seen that the reason of this dis continuity was a scalar field which does not decouple from the source even in the massless limit. Later, it was proposed by Vainshtein that the vDVZ discontinuity may disappear by studying the non-linear theory. However, when the Hamiltonian analysis of the non-linear massive gravity theory was done it was understood that theory consists of an extra unphysical degree of freedom which is called the Boulware-Deser ghost.


Topologically massive gravity : anyon scattering, weyl-gauging and causality
Kılıçarslan, Ercan; Tekin, Bayram; Department of Physics (2017)
In this thesis, we studied the Topologically Massive Gravity (TMG) in two perspectives. Firstly, by using real scalar and abelian gauge fields, we built the Weyl-invariant extension of TMG which unifies cosmological TMG and Topologically Massive Electrodynamics (TME) with a Proca mass term. Here, we have demonstrated that the presence of (Anti)-de Sitter spaces as the background solution, spontaneously breaks the local Weyl symmetry, whereas the radiative corrections at two-loop level breaks the symmetry in...
Problems of Massive Gravity
Boybeyi, Töre Deniz; Tekin, Bayram; Department of Physics (2021-8-5)
In this thesis, the general properties of massive gravitation theories are outlined. Particular attention is given to the van Dam-Veltman-Zakharov discontinuity which arises in the massless limit of massive theories. Also, the observational, holographic, and thermodynamic properties of these theories are mentioned.
Second-order scalar-tensor field theories
Şahin, Ertan Sinan; Sarıoğlu, Bahtiyar Özgür; Department of Physics (2017)
We review Horndeski’s scalar-tensor theory in this thesis. Partial differential equations that are satisfied by the Lagrangian limit its most general form. Demanding second-order field equations both for the metric and the scalar field, and choosing a four-dimensional spacetime also put restrictions on the most general form of the Lagrangian. Besides, by using similar techniques, in a four-dimensional spacetime, we find the most general form of the second-order Euler-Lagrange equations that are obtained fro...
Non-Riemannian gravity and the Einstein-Proca system
Dereli, T; Onder, M; Schray, J; Tucker, RW; Wang, C (IOP Publishing, 1996-08-01)
We argue that all Einstein-Maxwell or Einstein-Proca solutions to general relativity may be used to construct a large class of solutions (involving torsion and non-metricity) to theories of non-Riemannian gravitation that have been recently discussed in the literature.
The Role of argumentation theory in scientific reasoning and science education
Meriç, Gülden Alaz; Zambak, Aziz Fevzi; Department of Philosophy (2019)
This thesis analyzes Argumentation Theory within the context of science education. Within this thesis’s purpose, foundations of Argumentation Theory together with the theory’s main elements are also explained. The role of Argumentation Theory is approached in two aspects, namely the philosophical aspect and the educational aspect. In the philosophical aspect, it is questioned whether some reformations in Argumentation Theory is needed for adapting it for science education. In the educational aspect, it is e...
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Ş. Kürekçi, “Basics of massive spin-2 theories,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.