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A New 6/4 Two Layers Switched Reluctance Motor:Concept, Simulation and Analysis
Siadatan, A.; Najmi, V.; Asgar, M.; Afjei, E. (2011-09-10)
the switched reluctance motor is a simple and robust machine, which has found application over a wide power and speed ranges in different shapes and geometries. This paper introduces a new configuration for a three phase s...
A Solution to the Adhesion Problem of Oxide Thin Films on Zinc Selenide Optical Substrates
Cosar, M. B.; Aydogdu, G. H.; Batman, H.; Ozhan, A. E. S. (2016-05-13)
Zinc selenide optical substrates have high transparency within the 0.5- to 14.0-mu m wavelength range. This makes them an attractive candidate for multiband imaging applications in optical components. In order to minimize ...
Metal/metal laminates with controlled macrostructure: Problems and prospects
Ercan, O; Yazar, O; Soydaner, E; Ozturk, T (1997-06-06)
Prospect of producing metallic composites with controlled macrostructure via deformation processing is examined. The study combines numerical analysis(FEM) with experimental observations both made under plane strain and ai...
Interactive computer simulation of dislocation damping spectra associated with the coupled motion of geometric kinks and point defects subjected to the bulk segregation phenomenon
Ogurtani, TO; Gungor, MR; Oren, EE (Trans Tech Publications, Ltd.; 2003-01-01)
The set of non-linear differential equations which describes the kink chain oscillating in an atmosphere of continuously distributed paraelastic (interstitials) or isotropic defects and, in addition, decorated by a draggin...
Microstructural changes due to longterm service exposure in naphta cracking tubes made of a Fe-Ni-Cr superalloy
ORHANER, FO; TEKIN, E (1994-07-22)
ANKARA, AO; DARA, BG (1994-06-01)
Hydrothermal synthesis of pure and Dy : BaTiO3 powders at 90 degrees C and their sintering behavior
Oren, EE; Tas, AC (1998-05-06)
Sub-micron (150-200 nm), monodisperse and spherical powders of pure and Dy-doped (0.8 at%) BaTiO3 have been prepared by "hydrothermal synthesis" at 90 degrees C in an air atmosphere. The powder preparation technique adopte...
Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation Using Neural Word Embeddings
Ustun, Ahmet; CAN BUĞLALILAR, BURCU (2016-10-12)
We present a fully unsupervised method for morphological segmentation. Unlike many morphological segmentation systems, our method is based on semantic features rather than orthographic features. In order to capture word me...
Void intergranual motion under the action of electromigration forces in thin film interconnects with bamboo structure
Oren, EE; Ogurtani, TO (2001-11-30)
The rigorous formulation of the internal entropy production, and the generalized forces and conjugate fluxes associated with the virtual displacement of a triple junction are presented in multi-component systems. Extensive...