Effects of Radiation Dose Rates on DNA Extraction Obtained From Bacillus Anthracis

Ortatatlı, Mesut
Kenar, Levent
Sezigen, Sermet
Eyison, Ruşen Koray
Öktem, Hüseyin Avni


Effects of Ultrasound Pretreatment on Biogas Generation from Anaerobic Digestion and Fuel Properties of Municipal Sludge
Çelebi, Emrehan Berkay; Aksoy, Ayşegül; Sanin, Faika Dilek (2015-06-10)
Effects of nickel, chromium and initial feed concentration on the batch growth of a microbial consortium developed from sewage
Gökçay, CELAL FERDİ; Dilek, Filiz Bengü (Informa UK Limited, 1991-01-01)
Effects of nickel, chromium and substrate concentration on the microbial growth of acclimatized and unacclimatized microbes of sewage origin were studied in batch cultures at a constant temperature of 25 °C, at pH 7.0. A synthetic medium supplemented with Ni(II) (5 and 10 mgl‐1) or Cr(VI) (1 and 50 mgl‐1) or with their combinations and at various feed concentrations (650, 975, 1300 mgl‐1) was employed to investigate the effects on the specific growth rate (μm) of the microbial culture. The experimental resu...
Yetim, Sinem; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Ger, Kemal Ali; Department of Biology (2021-11-24)
Global climate change results in extreme precipitation events that increase allochthonous organic matter (e.g., dissolved organic carbon, DOC) input into freshwater ecosystems via flooding. While DOC is a source of carbon and energy for heterotrophic organisms in freshwater ecosystems, its bottom-up effects on trophic interactions, and especially on the microbial food web, are poorly understood. Similarly, the top-down effect of contrasting zooplankton traits (i.e., generalist vs. selective) on DOC enriched...
Effects of ultrasound pretreatment and anaerobic digestion on the energy potential of sludge
Çelebi, Emrehan Berkay; Sanin, Faika Dilek; Aksoy, Ayşegül; Department of Environmental Engineering (2015)
The by-product of wastewater treatment, sludge, is generated in tons everyday all around the world. As environmental regulations in Turkey are becoming stricter during the European Union adaptation period, the previously wide-spread disposal method of landfilling the sludge will not be applicable. Instead, dried sludge is expected to be used in revenue generating methods like land application or combustion. Combustion can be thought of as more beneficial as it uses sludge as an energy source. However, it is...
Effects of Microwave-Assisted Baking on Quality of Gluten-free Cakes and Breads
Yıldız, Eda; Şümnü, Servet Gülüm; Şahin, Serpil (2019-07-01)
Gluten-free doughs lack the glutenins and gliadins responsible for dough expansion and strength, inhibiting network formation and reducing the viscoelastic structure of doughs. Microwave baking methods have some advantages over conventional baking methods, including faster heating, time and energy conservation, and greater product volume. They also have some disadvantages, however, including nonuniform heating, insufficient starch gelatinization, gummy texture, lack of color formation, and high moisture los...
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M. Ortatatlı, L. Kenar, S. Sezigen, R. K. Eyison, and H. A. Öktem, “Effects of Radiation Dose Rates on DNA Extraction Obtained From Bacillus Anthracis,” 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/77664.