An interactive evolutionary approach to multi objective feature selection

Köksalan, Mustafa Murat
Özmen, Müberra
Karakaya, Gülşah


An interactive probabilistic approach to multi-criteria sorting
BUGDACI, Asli Gul; KOKSALAN, Murat; Ozpeynirci, Selin; Serin, Yaşar Yasemin (2013-10-01)
This article addresses the problem of sorting alternatives evaluated by multiple criteria among preference-ordered classes. An interactive probabilistic sorting approach is developed in which the probability of an alternative being in each class is calculated and alternatives are assigned to classes keeping the probability of incorrect assignments below a specified small threshold value. The decision maker is occasionally required to place alternatives to classes. The probabilities for unassigned alternativ...
An additive cost approach to optimal Temporal Logic control
Aydın Göl, Ebru (2014-07-21)
This paper presents a provably-correct Model Predictive Control (MPC) scheme for a discrete-time linear system. The cost is a quadratic that penalizes the distance from desired state and control trajectories, which are only available over a finite horizon. Correctness is specified as a syntactically co-safe Linear Temporal Logic (scLTL) formula over a set of linear predicates in the states of the system. The proposed MPC controller solves a set of convex optimization problems guided by the specification. Th...
An interactive computational approach to 3d layout design of single-family houses by evolutionary algorithms
Sakaryalı, Anıl; Gürsel Dino, İpek; Department of Architecture (2017)
Customized design is an important feature for single-family houses (SFH). Differently, current stage of the housing industry is generally limited to the standard houses by tract developments. In this way, design tools for non-expert users can provide a strong alternative to the current mode of house production. Certain generative design tools can provide customized house solutions according to the requirements of occupants. A certain problem in this case is the presented level of interaction for the non-exp...
An evolutionary methodology for conceptual design
Güroğlu, Serkan; Erden, Abdülkadir; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2005)
The main goal of this thesis is the development of a novel methodology to generate creative solutions at functional level for design tasks without binding solution spaces with designers̕ individual experiences and prejudices. For this purpose, an evolutionary methodology for the conceptual design of engineering products has been proposed. This methodology performs evaluation, combination and modification of the existing solutions repetitively to generate new solution alternatives. Therefore, initially a rep...
An interactive approach for multiobjective decision making
Koksalan, M; Karasakal, Esra (Informa UK Limited, 2006-05-01)
We develop an interactive approach for multiobjective decision-making problems, where the solution space is defined by a set of constraints. We first reduce the solution space by eliminating some undesirable regions. We generate solutions (partition ideals) that dominate portions of the efficient frontier and the decision maker (DM) compares these with feasible solutions. Whenever the decision maker prefers a feasible solution, we eliminate the region dominated by the partition ideal. We then employ an inte...
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