An interactive computational approach to 3d layout design of single-family houses by evolutionary algorithms

Sakaryalı, Anıl
Customized design is an important feature for single-family houses (SFH). Differently, current stage of the housing industry is generally limited to the standard houses by tract developments. In this way, design tools for non-expert users can provide a strong alternative to the current mode of house production. Certain generative design tools can provide customized house solutions according to the requirements of occupants. A certain problem in this case is the presented level of interaction for the non-expert occupants. A study on the current generative approaches to non-expert design tools showed that generative approaches present a limited interaction for the user due to the limits of their solution space and the required level of expertise for their operation. This research aims to develop a user-friendly design tool for non-expert designers that can work with appropriate solution spaces. In this way, this research presents a new evolutionary computational design tool, Ho-Gen (House Generator), which assists in the design exploration of single-family house layouts through an interactive work process. Ho-Gen is capable to generate multi-floor SFH layouts with geometric and topological criteria. Ho-Gen’s interactive interface allows the designer to guide the generation process within the intermediate states to make changes in the problem definition together with the possibility to modify generated solutions. Ho-Gen is tested with two conceptual SFH layout problems with a varying number of layout elements in an increasing level of complexity. The results show that Ho-Gen can generate a variety of valid layouts for the conceptual stage in architecture.
Citation Formats
A. Sakaryalı, “An interactive computational approach to 3d layout design of single-family houses by evolutionary algorithms,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2017.