Free and forced vibration analysis of beams carrying discrete masses.

Demirer, Erden Ş


Free and forced vibration of continous beams on elastic supports by modal analysis.
Botsali, Fatih Mehmet; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1982)
Free vertical vibration analysis of timoshenko beam suspension bridges
Kulunk, Idil; Karaesmen, Engin; Department of Engineering Sciences (1988)
Free flexural (or bending) vibration analysis of certain of stiffened composite plates or panels in flight vehicle structures
Javanshir Habestan, Jaber; Yüceoğlu, Umur; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2010)
In this study, the “Free Flexural (or Bending) Vibrations of Stiffened Plates or Panels” are investigated in detail. Two different Groups of “Stiffened Plates” will be considered. In the first group, the “Type 4” and the “Type 6” of “Group I” of the “Integrally-Stiffened and/or Stepped-Thickness Plate or Panel Systems” are theoretically analyzed and numerically solved by making use of the “Mindlin Plate Theory”. Here, the natural frequencies and the corresponding mode shapes, up to the sixth mode, are obtai...
Free and forced vibration of cross-ply laminated composite shallow arches
Khdeir, AA; Reddy, JN (1997-04-01)
A model for the dynamic behavior of a laminated composite shallow arch is developed from shallow shell theory. Linear equations of motion are derived for thin, moderately thick and thick arches. Free vibration of the arch is explored and exact natural frequencies of the third-order, second-order, first-order and classical arch theories are determined for various boundary conditions. A generalized modal approach is presented to solve the dynamic response of cross-ply laminated arches with arbitrary boundary ...
Free vibration analysis of suspension bridges a case study : Bosporus Bridge
Ünal, Fulya; Yılmaz, Çetin; Department of Civil Engineering (1989)
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E. Ş. Demirer, “Free and forced vibration analysis of beams carrying discrete masses.,” Middle East Technical University, 1982.