Caught between legitimacy and crisis Fiscal crises of the state and the education policy in Turkey



Caught between Nationalism and Socialism: The Kazak Alash Orda Movement in Continuity
Gürbüz, Yunus Emre; Ergut, Ferdan; Department of History (2007)
This dissertation aims to discuss the incorporation of the “nationalist” Kazak intellectuals of Alash Orda to the Soviet Socialist Republics and their role in the establishment of the Kazak ASSR. In the course of events they acted first together with Russian liberal democrats, then they sought to establish a national government and fought against the Bolsheviks, but after 1920 they chose to stay in the USSR and join the modernization process of their homeland alongside the Bolsheviks. In the mainstream acad...
Long-run relationships among inflation, money growth, exchange rates and budget deficit in Turkey
Saygılı, Mesut; Özmen, Erdal; Department of Economics (1998)
Controversies contrasts and challenges in achieving sustainable communities in historic housing sites of Istanbul
Akkar Ercan, Zübeyde Müge (null; 2010-07-07)
Problematic story of negative freedom from Hobbes to Berlin and its connotations forTurkish Polity
Tütüncü, Koray; Deveci, Cem; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2007)
In his defense of negative freedom, Isaiah Berlin’s main target is the political voluntarism of enlightenment rationalism which has paved way to totalitarian and authoritarian political regimes of the 20th century which brought the sacrifice of individual freedom. For Berlin, in contrast to Platonic realism of enlightenment rationalism in which there is a substantial belief in reason’s capacity for giving us the knowledge of the supreme good, the nominalist foundations of negative freedom can provide us a s...
Contentious issues of security and the future of Turkey
Kahraman, Sevilay (Wiley, 2008-09-01)
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