Design of a circular microphone array for panoramic audio recording and reproduction Array radius

Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin
Cvetkovic, Zoran
A multichannel audio system proposed by Johnston and Lam aims at the perceptual reconstruction of the sound field of an acoustic performance in its original venue. The system employs a circular microphone array, of 31cm diameter, to capture relevant spatial cues. This design proved to be effective in the rendition of the auditory perspective, however other studies showed that there is still substantial room for improvement. This paper investigates the impact of the array diameter on the width and naturalness of the auditory images. To this end we propose a method for quantification and prediction of the perceived naturalness. Simulation results support array diameters close to that proposed by Johnston and Lam in the sense that they achieve optimal naturalness in the centre of the listening area, but also suggest that larger arrays might provide a more graceful degradation of the naturalness for listening positions away from the centre.
128th Convention, (2010 May 22–25)


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Erkan, Fatih; Çiloğlu, Tolga; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
In this thesis, the design and implementation of a Portable Feedback Active Noise Controller Headphone System, which is based on Texas Instruments TMS320VC5416PGE120 Fixed Point DSP, is described. Problems resulted from fixed-point implementation of LMS algorithm and delays existing in digital ANC implementation are determined. Effective solutions to overcome the aforementioned problems are proposed based on the literature survey. Design of the DSP based control card is explained and crucial points about an...
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This study focuses on the foundation design and vibration isolation of a high-precision instrument subjected to ground-borne vibrations. The allowable vibration level for the proper operation of the sensitive equipment was 50 mu g in a frequency range of 1-300 Hz. Prior to foundation design, first, an extensive field survey including geological and geophysical tests were performed in situ to obtain the static and dynamic physical properties of the soils. Next, vibration levels at various locations in the vi...
Efficient Synthesis of Room Acoustics via Scattering Delay Networks
De Sena, Enzo; Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin; Cvetkovic, Zoran; Smith, Julius O. (2015-09-01)
An acoustic reverberator consisting of a network of delay lines connected via scattering junctions is proposed. All parameters of the reverberator are derived from physical properties of the enclosure it simulates. It allows for simulation of unequal and frequency-dependent wall absorption, as well as directional sources and microphones. The reverberator renders the first-order reflections exactly, while making progressively coarser approximations of higher-order reflections. The rate of energy decay is clo...
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Kılıç, Argun; Yılmaz, Ali Özgür; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2006)
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In this study it was aimed to design and operate a new system with sufficient number of rotating drums since rotation of turntable is incapable of providing uniformity. Effect of new design on final color values and moisture content were also investigated. Macaroni beads were colored with CoCl2 solution and processed in a domestic microwave oven starting from 11.3±0.10% moisture content and L*= 41.1±0.31 , a*= 8.5±0.27 , b*= 5.3±0.22 color value with turntable and the proposed design. In experiments 40%, 60...
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