Probabilistic method for computing extreme values of ship motions in irregular seas.

Korugan, Tamer


Probabilistic methods for estimating the seismic deformations of underground structures
Soyman, Kadir Buğra; Gülerce, Zeynep; Department of Civil Engineering (2018)
In seismic design of underground structures, simplified semi-deterministic methods based on the stiffness of the soil and the underground structure are used to estimate the seismic deformations. Generally, peak ground acceleration (PGA) value for different hazard levels are provided by the probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) analysis, but a single (and deterministic) PGA value is employed in deformation calculations. The objective of this study is to propose a fully probabilistic framework for es...
Probabilistic estimation framework on short term electricity load forecasting via parametric and nonparametric approaches
Ergin, Elçin; İyigün, Cem; Department of Industrial Engineering (2014)
Accurate electricity load forecasting plays a crucial role for all the electricity market parties. With the deregulation of the markets, electricity load forecasting, especially for short-term, gained a great importance. Electricity load data may show different characteristics according to country, region or customer type as it has a nonlinear relationships with many of variables. Capabilities of only one model may not be enough to capture all these relationships. In this study, parametric, nonparametric an...
Probabilistic solution to two-dimensional stochastic solute transport model by the Fokker-Planck equation approach
Tu, Tongbi; Ercan, Ali; Kavvas, M. Levent (2020-01-01)
The study of solute transport in rivers is of environmental significance, since solute transported in river flows may affect the river water quality conditions. Solute transport in natural flows is a challenging process to be investigated, given natural flows usually indicate uncertainty in space and time. Two-dimensional models are more preferable to one-dimensional models, especially when the underlying flow field is complex. In this study, a stochastic horizontally two-dimensional solute transport model ...
Probabilistic analysis of bridge networks based on system reliability and Monte Carlo simulation
Akgül, Ferhat (null; 2003-07-09)
Probabilistic Slope Stability Analyses: Effects of the Coefficient of Variation and the Cross-Correlation of Shear Strength Parameters
Oğuz, Emir Ahmet; Yalçın, Yağızer ; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan (2017-03-15)
The assessment of the safety level of natural slopes, road cuts, embankments and levees require consideration of uncertainties and variability in material properties. In this study, for a number of slope geometries, including a real-life landslide case, probability of failure (PF) and the most critical failure surface are investigated with and without cross-correlation of shear strength properties. Slopes having different traditionally-defined factor of safety (FS) levels are studied. The uncertainty of soi...
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T. Korugan, “Probabilistic method for computing extreme values of ship motions in irregular seas.,” Middle East Technical University, 1975.