Bringing affect to human computer interaction



Using data analytics for collaboration patterns in distributed software team simulations
Dafoulas, Georgios A.; Serce, Fatma C.; SWİGGER, Kathleen; BRAZİLE, Robert; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur; Milewski, Allen (2016-08-05)
This paper discusses how previous work on global software development learning teams is extended with the introduction of data analytics. The work is based on several years of studying student teams working in distributed software team simulations. The scope of this paper is twofold. First it demonstrates how data analytics can be used for the analysis of collaboration between members of distributed software teams. Second it describes the development of a dashboard to be used for the visualization of variou...
Topcu, Okan (2017-12-06)
In an agent-based simulation, a plausible decision in a specific context cannot stay be valid in the face of the changing situation. Therefore, the result of the decision making process is mostly related to the agent's situational awareness and its adaptation to the new context and situation of the environment. A sound estimation of the situation requires a clean understanding of the operational domain, not only the data taken from sensors. In this paper, it is aimed to improve decision making by increasing...
Adapting a Robust Model into Hybrid Implementations of Machine Learning Algorithms and Statistical Methods for Longitudinal Data
Erduran, İbrahim Hakkı; Gökalp Yavuz, Fulya; Ebegil, Meral; Department of Statistics (2021-9)
Data structures in which the same characteristics are measured repeatedly at different time points are counted among the longitudinal data types. These datasets require the use of advanced modeling techniques because of the dependency structure amongst replicates. Linear mixed models (LMM) is an advanced regression method used in the analysis of such data sets. Although the LMM method provides many flexibility and advantages, the model setup is based on a number of assumptions that are challenging to provid...
Applying Computational Aesthetics to a Video Game Application Using Machine Learning
ERDEM, Ali Naci; Halıcı, Uğur (2016-07-01)
The authors have developed a novel approach to evaluating the aesthetic quality of the camera direction in video game scenes rendered in real time while the game is being played. Their goal was to improve the visual aesthetic quality of computer-generated images using a computational aesthetics approach via a regression machine learning model. Considering the challenges and limitations involved, the proposed approach yielded promising prediction performance. The results show that near-real-time aesthetic an...
Using semantic information for distributed web service discovery
Cantürk, Deniz; Karagöz, Pınar (2011-01-01)
With the increase in number and size of service registries, web service discovery becomes a challenging activity. There is also tremendous increase in the number of web services that are not registered to any of the business registries. Under these conditions, finding an appropriate web service may lead to problems in terms of performance, efficiency, end-to-end security and quality of the discovered services. Use of semantic information has been studied in web service discovery for improving the accuracy o...
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M. Akgün, G. Kaplan, and K. Çağıltay, Bringing affect to human computer interaction. 2011, p. 324.