Assessment of acoustical characteristics for historical baths (hammams)

Comprehensive studies are necessary to better understand the original acoustical characteristics of historical baths (hamams) in order to discover the historical technologies establishing good acoustical performance in these structures and keep their proper functioning for long periods of time. The study was conducted on Sengul Hamam, a historical Turkish bath dated to 15 th century, belonging to the Ottoman period. Its acoustical characteristics were examined by using 3D computer modelling and acoustical simulation methods supported by laboratory analyses. The joint interpretation of the results was done in order to assess the original acoustical features of historical Turkish baths and acoustical failures related to unconscious recent repairs.


Assessment of the Hydrological Alterations and Environmental Flows in Sakarya Watershed, Turkey
Özcan, Cansu; Alp, Emre; Department of Environmental Engineering (2021-5)
In this study, a holistic environmental flow assessment (EFA) adopted from the ELOHA framework is performed for the Sakarya Watershed. The most significant environmental flow events were quantified using natural streamflow data estimated at the selected target streamflow gages. Also, hydrologic alterations due to several human pressures were assessed. The U.S. Geological Survey approach was adopted as the streamflow naturalization methodology. 18 FDC exceedance probability percentile flows (i.e., Q0.1-Q99.9...
Simulation of an integrated microfluidic device for bioparticle wash separation and concentration
Çetin, Barbaros; Süleyman, Büyükkoçak; Soheila, Zeinali; Özer, Mehmet Bülent (null; 2013-12-14)
Washing, separation and concentration of bioparticles are key operations for many biological and chemical analyses. In this study, the simulation of an integrated microfluidic device is studied. The proposed device has the capability to wash the bioparticles (transferring the bioparticles from one buffer solution to another), to separate the particles based on their dielectric properties and to concentrate the bioparticles. Washing and concentration of bioparticles are performed by acoustophoresis and the s...
Acoustical characteristics of historical Turkish Baths
Aydın, Asuman; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Department of Architecture (2008)
Comprehensive studies are needed to better understand the original acoustical features of historical baths in order to uncover the historical technologies that enabled the acoustical performance for which they are renowned and to ensure they retain this performance with time. In this study, acoustic performances of Şengül Hamamı and Kadı Hamamı, two 15th century historical baths belonging to the Ottoman period, were examined to discover their original acoustical features and to assess their present situatio...
Numerical simulation of unsteady flow in an oil pipeline under various hydraulic conditions
Turan, Emrah; Bozkuş, Zafer; Department of Civil Engineering (2006)
In the present study, transient flow analyses of a long oil pipeline are performed. Transient flow conditions are initiated by typical valve operations and pump trips that may be expected during operation of such pipelines. In order to simulate transient events an existing computer program called “Stoner Pipeline Simulator” has been used for a large number of hydraulic transient conditions. The program is based on the characteristics method solution of the governing water hammer equations. Locations that ma...
Evaluation of glaciation and glacial shapes using geographic information systems and remote sensing (Eastern Black Sea)
Geçen, Reşat; Toprak, Vedat; Tombul, Saadettin; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2011)
This study investigates the actual glaciers and the major properties of glacial landscapes (valleys, cirques and lakes) located over the Eastern Black Sea mountain chain using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) technologies. A database is created for each glacial feature that includes fundamental properties of each landscape. Data layers used in the study include digital and analog topographic maps, satellite images, geological maps and drainage maps. The studies carried out yielde...
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