The Metastable Structure Formation Problems in the Alloys

Matysina, Zinaida
Babaev, Zülfü
Mehrabov, Amdulla


The storage replenishment problem in rectangular warehouse
Süral, Haldun; Çelik, Melih (2016-06-12)
In warehouses, storage replenishment operations involve the transportation of items to capacitated item slots in forward storage area from reserve storage. These items are later picked from these slots as their demand arises. While order picking constitutes the majority of warehouse operating costs, replenishment operations might be as costly in warehouses where pick lists generally consist of only a few lines (e.g., order fulfillment warehouses). In this study, we consider the storage replenishment problem...
The criticality problems in neutron transport theory for extremely anisotropic scattering Kernels.
Yıldız, Cemal; Tezcan, Cihangir; Department of Physics (1984)
The form factors existing in the b -> sg* decay and the possible CP violating effects in the noncommutative standard model
Iltan, EO (2002-11-01)
We study the form factors appearing in the inclusive decay b --> sg*, in the framework of the noncommutative standard model. Here g* denotes the virtual gluon. We get additional structures and the corresponding form factors in the noncommutative geometry. We analyse the dependencies of the form factors to the parameter p Theta k where p (k) are the four momenta of incoming (outgoing) b quark (virtual gluon g*), Theta is a parameter which measures the noncommutativity of the geometry. We see that the form fa...
The general lot sizing and scheduling problem with sequence dependent changeovers
Koçlar, Ayşe; Süral, Haldun; Department of Industrial Engineering (2005)
In this study, we consider the General Lot Sizing and Scheduling Problem in single level capacitated environments with sequence dependent item changeovers. Process industries may be regarded as suitable application areas of the problem. The focus on capacity utilization and intensively time consuming changeovers necessitate the integration of lot sizing and sequencing decisions in the production plan. We present a mathematical model which captures the essence of cases in the most generic and realistic setti...
The cutting stock problem with diameter conversion inthe construction industry
Altınpulluk, Deniz; Süral, Haldun; Department of Industrial Engineering (2019)
The one-dimensional cutting stock problem has been widely used for reinforcementsteel bar (rebar) in the construction industry. Diameter sizes of rebars are determinedby the structural designer to provide tensile strength to the structure, and they can bechanged if the ratio of cross-section area of rebars to the concrete area stays constant.The decision maker can decide to convert diameter size to generate better cuttingpatterns. Besides, the time dimension is considered by assuming the mult...
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Z. Matysina, Z. Babaev, and A. Mehrabov, The Metastable Structure Formation Problems in the Alloys. 1983.