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Characterizing the declining CO2 emissions from Turkish geothermal power plants
Akın, Serhat; Örücü, Yasemin; Frıdrıksson, Thrainn (null; 2020-02-10)
Turkish geothermal fluids have substantially higher carbon dioxide content due to the unusual geologic setting of the geothermal fields in the country. Typical emission factors at power plant commissioning range from 1,000...
Numerical reservoir simulation of Alaşehir geothermal field
Aydın, Hakkı; Akın, Serhat (null; 2020-02-10)
Use of a comprehensive reservoir simulation is essential for an effective geothermal reservoir management. TOUGH2 has become a widely used simulator for this purpose. In this study, one of the most exploited geothermal fie...
Akın, Taylan; Akın, Serhat; Küçük, Serhat; Saraçoğlu, Önder; Başer, Ali (null; 2019-08-18)
Emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 emitted at Turkish geothermal power plants are an obstacle to call geothermal energy as green power. However, recent advances in carbon capture and storage technologies have en...
Building a value-creating ecosystem on campus: the METU Case
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (2019-04-13)
Discrete fracture network modeling of Alaşehir geothermal field
Aydın, Hakkı; Akın, Serhat (null; 2019-02-13)
Understanding of fracture network and fracture characteristic properties is essential for an effective geothermal reservoir management.Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) is one of the widely used approach to characterize frac...
Parameter study on tracer flow test
Aydın, Hakkı; Akın, Serhat (2019-02-13)
Periodic measurement of flow rate in production wells is essential to monitor performance of geothermal wells and reservoir. Tracerdilution method has been introduced as a reliable, cheap and environment friendly technique...
Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar for Range Detection
Kaya, Tevfik; Sahin, Enes Burak; Nesimoglu, Tayfun (2018-11-02)
In this paper, a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar is built using radio frequency techniques. Radar can measure the nearest object's range from 2 to 30 meters with 1-meter range resolution. The design process was c...
Broadband Impedance Transformation by Defected Dielectric on Microstrip Lines
Kaya, Tevfik; Nesimoglu, Tayfun (2018-11-02)
In this work, a different approach to achieve a desired characteristic impedance value on microstrips is presented. In standard microwave circuits using microstrip lines, the dielectric thickness is same and uniform across...
Estimation of Polymer Re-Gel Injection Time in Natural Fractured Reservoirs
Longinos, Sotirios; Soltanieh, Ashkan; Akın, Serhat (2018-06-22)
Hydrocarbon production is usually restricted by excess water production in naturally fractured reservoirs. Polymergel injection is an efficient method to shut-off fracture conduits in water bearing zones. Efficiency of wat...
Design and Development of Data-Driven Screening Tools for Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes
Yalgın, Gamze; Zarepakzad, Nida; Artun, Fazıl Emre; Durgut, İsmail; Kök, Mustafa Verşan (null; 2018-04-26)
Computationally efficient screening and forecasting tools can offer faster decision-making and value- creation opportunities for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations without requiring a high-fidelity reservoir model. In ...
Comprehensive tracer testing in the Germencik field
Akın, Serhat; Gülgör, Abdullah (null; 2018-02-14)
Germencik Geothermal Field, which is one of the oldest high enthalpy geothermal fields in Turkey, is operational since 2009. As of 2017, two 47.4 MWe dual flash and four 22.5 MWe binary power plants have been constructed t...
Application of fluorescent micro particles as geothermal tracers
Aydın, Hakkın; Akın, Serhat; Salar, Mustafa (null; 2018-02-14)
Tracer testing of flow between injection and production wells is an effective tool to map fluid flow pathways in a geothermal reservoir. Tracer concentration curves can be used to provide insight into projected thermal dra...
Practical Experiences About Reservoir Monitoring in Alasehir Geothermal Field
Aydın, Hakkı; Akın, Serhat; Tezel, Seray (2018-02-14)
Alaşehir geothermal area that is located in southern part of the Alaşehir Graben is one the important geothermal areas in Turkey. Currently, more than 6 operators are exploiting this field on a strictly competitive, and la...
Fracture Effect Limitation on Residual Oil Saturation: Aperture Shrinkage
Canbolat, Serhat; Parlaktuna, Mahmut (2018-02-09)
Oil production in the fractured reservoirs shows, varying saturation values through the reservoir. This is due to the microscopic fissures and heterogeneity of the fractured environment that could not have been well swept....
Carbon dioxide injection field pilot in umurlu geothermal field, Turkey
Yücetaş, İsmet; Ergiçay, Nevzat; Akın, Serhat (null; 2018-01-01)
The Umurlu geothermal reservoir located in Buyuk Menderes Graben, Turkey initially contained around 2% by weight CO_2 dissolved in geothermal reservoir fluid. The produced CO_2 rate declined over one year of production tim...
Accurate modeling of surge and swab pressures of yield power law fluids in concentric annuli
Erge, O.; Akın, Serhat; Gucuyener, I.h. (2018-01-01)
Accurate numerical modeling of surge and swab pressures in concentric annuli is proposed. The numerical scheme is developed for the laminar flow occurring during the drillstring axial movement. The model incorporates Yield...
Modelling of ECBM recovery from Amasra Coalbed in Zonguldak Basin, Turkey
Sınayuç, Çağlar; Gumrah, F. (2018-01-01)
Bartin-Amasra coal field was found convenient for enhanced coalbed methane (ECBM) recovery among the other fields in Zonguldak Coal Basin, Turkey. The lithologic information were examined and the depths of the coal seams a...
Geothermal Resource Assessment of Alasehir Geothermal Field
Akın, Serhat (2017-02-15)
Alaşehir geothermal area located in Alaşehir Graben, West Anatolia – Turkey is the current target for geothermal field development. Currently, more than 6 operators are developing the power capacity in this field on a stri...
Compositional simulation of CO2 storage in a CO2 flooded carbonate reservoir
Bender, S.; Akın, Serhat (null; 2017-01-01)
CO2 emissions can be reduced by storing it in underground geologic formations such as coal seams, mature or depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs and deep saline aquifers. The combination of carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery ...
The impact of hard data uncertainty in reservoirs modelling
Fadlelmula, M.m.; Akın, Serhat; Duzgun, H.s. (null; 2017-01-01)
Predicting and estimating real world conditions presents one of the major ways in which uncertainty is introduced to reservoir modelling, with errors often occurring due to the scarcity of subsurface geological information...
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