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Laboratuvarların Kendi Aralarında Yapacağı Karşılaştırma Çalışmalarında Dikkat Edilmesi Gereken Hususlar
Petrol Araştırma Merkezi, Odtü; Bülbül, Sevtaç (2022-05-11)
Numerical Modeling of Waterflooding Experiments in Artificially Fractured and Gel Treated Core Plugs by Embedded Discrete Fracture Model of a Reservoir Simulation Toolbox
Kaya, Onur Alp; Durgut, İsmail; Canbolat, Serhat (2022-01-01)
© 2022, Society of Petroleum Engineers.The fluid flow dynamics of the matrix and fractures are significantly different from each other. Fractures are high-permeability flow channels that serve as the main flow units. On th...
Reinjection Optimization of Kızıldere Geothermal Field for Sustainable Reservoir Pressure Management
KÜÇÜK, SERHAT; başer, ali; saraçoğlu, önder; şentürk, erdinç; tüzen, mahmut kaan; Akın, Serhat (2021-10-01)
Pressure decline with respect to time is one of the main concerns in geothermal field management. In order to maintain the reservoir pressure, a sustainable reinjection strategy is needed. In this study, a numerical model ...
Optimization of Production and Injection of Geothermal Fields: A Machine Learning Approach
başer, ali; KÜÇÜK, SERHAT; saraçoğlu, önder; şentürk, erdinç; Akın, Serhat (2021-10-01)
Optimizing field injection and production requires a calibrated numerical model, typically consisting of thousands of grid blocks. Optimization carried out using such a model usually takes a very long time. If the numerica...
Soil CO2 Flux and Temperature Measurements in Kızıldere Geothermal Field
KÜÇÜK, SERHAT; başer, ali; saraçoğlu, önder; AKIN, TAYLAN; şentürk, erdinç; tüzen, mahmut kaan; Akın, Serhat (2021-10-01)
Geothermal fields in Turkey have substantially higher carbon dioxide content compared to a typical geothermal field in the world. Geothermal Emission Control (GECO) project aims to reduce carbon emissions by reinjecting pr...
CO2 Decline in Alaşehir (Turkey) Geothermal Reservoir
Akın, Serhat; Aydın, Hakkı; AKIN, TAYLAN (2021-10-01)
Reinjection of gas free of brine into the peripheries of a geothermal reservoir may gradually decline non-condensable gas (NCG) concentration in the reservoir fluid during the operation of geothermal power plants. As a res...
A Predictive Model of Wellbore Performance in Presence of Carbon Dioxide in Kizildere Geothermal Field
saraçoğlu, önder; başer, ali; AKIN, TAYLAN; KÜÇÜK, SERHAT; şentürk, erdinç; Akın, Serhat (2021-10-01)
Typically, geothermal wellbore model is used to predict the production performance of wells using a wellbore simulator based on flow tests. An iterative procedure is used to calibrate NCG content. In this study, a predicti...
Türkiye'deki Jeotermal Bölge Isıtma Sistemlerinin Gelişimi
Parlaktuna, Mahmut; Parlaktuna, Burak (2021-07-06)
Turkey is one of the few countries that has almost all possible applications of geothermal energy. Geothermal district heating has a relatively short history (since 1987) compared to other direct utilization but plays impo...
Depremlerin Tuzla Jeotermal Sahasındaki Etkilerinin İncelenmesi
Parlaktuna, Burak; Sınayuç, Çağlar; Durgut, İsmail (2021-05-11)
Evaluation of Production Capacity of Geothermal Power Plants in Turkey
Aydın, Hakkı; Akın, Serhat; Şentürk, Erdinç (2020-10-23)
Reactive Transport Modeling of CO2 Injection into Kızıldere Geothermal Field
Küçük, Serhat; EROL, Selçuk; BAŞER, ALİ; AKIN, TAYLAN; Saraçoğlu, Önder; Akın, Serhat (2020-02-24)
Numerical reservoir simulation of Alaşehir geothermal field
Aydın, Hakkı; Akın, Serhat (null; 2020-02-10)
Use of a comprehensive reservoir simulation is essential for an effective geothermal reservoir management. TOUGH2 has become a widely used simulator for this purpose. In this study, one of the most exploited geothermal fie...
Characterizing the declining CO2 emissions from Turkish geothermal power plants
Akın, Serhat; Frıdrıksson, Thrainn (null; 2020-02-10)
Turkish geothermal fluids have substantially higher carbon dioxide content due to the unusual geologic setting of the geothermal fields in the country. Typical emission factors at power plant commissioning range from 1,000...
Akın, Taylan; Akın, Serhat; Küçük, Serhat; Saraçoğlu, Önder; Başer, Ali (null; 2019-08-18)
Emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 emitted at Turkish geothermal power plants are an obstacle to call geothermal energy as green power. However, recent advances in carbon capture and storage technologies have en...
Experimental and Numerical Investigation into Hydraulic Fracture and Natural Fracture Interaction in Shale Formations
Yıldırım, Betül; Wenzhuo, Cao; Cai, Wu; Shi, Ji-Quan; Korre, Anna; Wolf, Karl-Heinz (2019-06-23)
Potential effects of methane hydrates to the environment
Longinos, Sotirios; Bülbül, Sevtaç; Parlaktuna, Mahmut (2019-05-29)
Building a value-creating ecosystem on campus: the METU Case
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (2019-04-13)
Discrete fracture network modeling of Alaşehir geothermal field
Aydın, Hakkı; Akın, Serhat (null; 2019-02-13)
Understanding of fracture network and fracture characteristic properties is essential for an effective geothermal reservoir management.Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) is one of the widely used approach to characterize frac...
Parameter study on tracer flow test
Aydın, Hakkı; Akın, Serhat (2019-02-13)
Periodic measurement of flow rate in production wells is essential to monitor performance of geothermal wells and reservoir. Tracerdilution method has been introduced as a reliable, cheap and environment friendly technique...
Broadband Impedance Transformation by Defected Dielectric on Microstrip Lines
Kaya, Tevfik; Nesimoglu, Tayfun (2018-11-02)
In this work, a different approach to achieve a desired characteristic impedance value on microstrips is presented. In standard microwave circuits using microstrip lines, the dielectric thickness is same and uniform across...
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