A model for representing concepts conceptual dependency theory

Birturk (Akyuz), Aysenur


A Neurofuzzy network model for rule-based systems
Bilen, Esin; Alpaslan, Ferda N.; Department of Computer Engineering (1997)
A temporal neural network model for constructing connectionist expert system knowledge bases
Alpaslan, Ferda Nur (Elsevier BV, 1996-04-01)
This paper introduces a temporal feedforward neural network model that can be applied to a number of neural network application areas, including connectionist expert systems. The neural network model has a multi-layer structure, i.e. the number of layers is not limited. Also, the model has the flexibility of defining output nodes in any layer. This is especially important for connectionist expert system applications.
A process model for component-oriented software engineering
Doğru, Ali Hikmet (2003-03-01)
The investigation of reuse has a long history, eventually maturing into the "build by integration" paradigm. Meanwhile, component technologies also improved along with engineering practices. What is missing is a methodology that uses components within such a paradigm, thus bridging the gap. The authors propose a model devoted to complete component orientation, rather than modifying object-oriented approaches to accommodate components. They investigate component-based technologies to address new needs and, c...
A context aware model for autonomous agent stochastic planning
Ekmekci, Ömer; Polat, Faruk (Elsevier BV, 2019-02-01)
Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) are not able to make use of domain information effectively due to their representational limitations. The lacking of elements which enable the models be aware of context, leads to unstructured representation of that problem such as raw probability matrices or lists. This causes these tools significantly less efficient at determining a useful policy as the state space of a task grows, which is the case for more realistic problems having localized dependencies between states a...
A theoretical framework for combining multiple knowledge bases with uncertainty
Seyedi, Elham; Polat, Faruk; Department of Computer Engineering (1996)
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A. Birturk (Akyuz), “A model for representing concepts conceptual dependency theory,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.