Images and Objects Discourses of Identity and Politics of Power in the Neolithic



Images Objects and Social Identity During the Neolithic of Northern Mesopotamia A Long Term View c 10000 5500
Atakuman, Çiğdem (null; 2014-09-14)
Objects in motion globalizing technology
Kaygan, Harun (2016-01-01)
Art and difference in deleuze: how do you glitch yourself?
Yalçın, Melike Başak; Shores, Corry Michael; Department of Philosophy (2021-1-25)
The main concern of this thesis is to investigate the critique of representational thinking in Deleuze and to comprehend the notion of Body without Organs (BwO) in relation to aesthetic experience as an alternative to such thought. In order to do that this thesis problematises thought which ontologically priorities the principle of identity. Following that, it looks at subjecthoods and bodies constructed upon the same notion, and researches Deleuze’s criticisms of them. Finally, it researches the effects of...
Images of a student residence milieu as related to the life style of university student and interpretation of a spatial organization.
Bayar, Mualla; Department of Architecture (1984)
Spaces of conflict: memory, musealization and heterotopia in the city of Sivas, Turkey
Karababa Kayalıgil, Pınar; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Department of Sociology (2015)
The thesis concentrates on how different groups of people challenge the practices of musealization which changes the signification of monuments in a city and bring a conservative lifestyle by the use of memorial material. The area of research is selected as the center of Sivas, an area which has strict claims of representing a Sunni, Turkish identity even though the mentioned identity is not shared by the entire population of the city. While memory is analyzed in this thesis over its utilization by collecti...
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