Class Imbalance and Active Learning

Attenberg, Josh
Ertekin Bolelli, Şeyda
This chapter focuses on the interaction between active learning (AL) and class imbalance, discussing (i) AL techniques designed specifically for dealing with imbalanced settings, (ii) strategies that leverage AL to overcome the deleterious effects of class imbalance, (iii) how extreme class imbalance can prevent AL systems from selecting useful examples, and alternatives to AL in these cases. The intent of the chapter is to present a comprehensive analysis of this interplay of AL and class imbalance. The chapter provides the reader with a brief overview of some alternative techniques for active data acquisition for predictive model construction in a cost‐restrictive setting.
Citation Formats
J. Attenberg and Ş. Ertekin Bolelli, Class Imbalance and Active Learning. 2013, p. 149.