Identification of some structural properties of bis-dimethyl aluminum oxide.

Osman, Akhtar


Determination of mechanisms of thermal reactions in the structure of ulexite and its use in the separation of ulexite from colemanite
Şener, Savaş; Özbayoğlu, Gülhan; Department of Mining Engineering (1997)
Identification of hydrogenase from rhodobacter species and hydrogen gas production in photobioreactors
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Identification of cathode materials for lithium batteries guided by first-principles calculations
Ceder, Gerbrand; Chiang, YetMing; Sadoway, Donald; Aydınol, Mehmet Kadri; Jang, YI; Huang, Biying (1998-04-16)
Lithium batteries have the highest energy density of all rechargeable batteries and are favoured in applications where low weight or small volume are desired - for example, laptop computers, cellular telephones and electric vehicles(1). One of the limitations of present commercial lithium batteries is the high cost of the LiCoO2 cathode material. Searches for a replacement material that, Like LiCoO2, intercalates lithium ions reversibly have covered most of the known lithium/transition-metal oxides, but the...
Characterization of adsorption-desorption properties of oxygen & water on mixed oxides
Ateş, Cihan; Üner, Deniz; Department of Chemical Engineering (2015)
The scope of this study includes the development of a methodology to determine a candidate material for two step thermochemical heat storage applications via fundamental principles of thermodynamics. The feasibility of utilizing stored thermochemical energy to produce CO from CO2 and H2 from H2O was demonstrated theoretically and experimentally. Metal oxide selection criteria were chosen as transport, kinetic and thermodynamic constraints. As a result Co3O4 was considered worthy of further investigation. Th...
Characterization of pore structure of Turkish coals and their chars obtained by carbonization and CO activation
Şenel, İ. Gökhan; Yücel, Hayrettin; Gürüz, Güniz; Department of Chemical Engineering (1994)
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A. Osman, “Identification of some structural properties of bis-dimethyl aluminum oxide.,” Middle East Technical University, 1975.