Drillability studies on the rotary blast hole drilling of lignite overburden series

Karpuz, Celal
Pasamehmetoğlu, A.gunhan
Muftuoğlu, Yadikar
This paper describes the results of drillability studies on rotary blasthole drillings for lignite overburden series at open pit lignite mines in Turkey. Field and laboratory studies are carried out at 96 different locations of 16 lignite mines to determine formation properties and to obtain drill performance data such as penetration rate, thrust, RPM. The obtained data analysed and the relation between some rock properties such as uniaxial compressive strength, cohesion, tensile strength, unit weight, impedance and penetration rate have been established. Among these rock properties, uniaxial compressive strength has been selected as a single parameter giving the highest correlation coefficient and to produce simple and practical relation. Finally thrust and RPM requirements are investigated and a chart based on uniaxial compressive strength is proposed to estimate thrust, RPM and corresponding penetration rate.
Citation Formats
C. Karpuz, A. g. Pasamehmetoğlu, and Y. Muftuoğlu, “Drillability studies on the rotary blast hole drilling of lignite overburden series,” pp. 88–93, 1990, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/80601.