Stability analyses of the dump site culvert in Tınaz surface mine

Özcan, Ömer Can
In this thesis, studies associated with the stability analyses of the box-shaped dump-site culvert constructed in Tınaz Surface Mine of Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKİ) are presented. In addition, stability conditions of other culvert alternatives are evaluated. Existence of creeks in a surface mining area is a significant factor to be considered in selection of dump-site location. Since, the dumped overburden material on the valley acts as a barrier and behaves like a dam causing flood problem behind the dump-site. TKİ engineers prevented the flood potential that might have occurred behind the dump-site by constructing a 480-meter long reinforced-concrete culvert on the downstream of Gevenez Creek Valley. However, considerable amount of deformations occurred in the first 100 meters of the culvert, as a result of overburden material being replaced on this structure. In order to determine the failure mechanism associated with the culvert, a series of numerical modeling analyses were carried out utilizing back analysis technique. The validity of the numerical model was justified by convergence measurements and observations carried out inside the culvert as overburden material being replaced on the stable part of this structure. Finally, based on the numerical model developed, the stability of other culvert alternatives that could be used in future projects were evaluated considering different embankment conditions (positive projecting and negative projecting), bedding conditions (impermissible, ordinary, first-class and concrete cradle), culvert shapes (box and circular) and dumping conditions.
Citation Formats
Ö. C. Özcan, “Stability analyses of the dump site culvert in Tınaz surface mine,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.