Performance assessment of hydraulic and cable shovels

Karpuz, Celal
Muftuoğlu, Yadikar
In this paper, performance assessment studies for hydraulic and cable shovels carried out on a nationwide scale in the surface lignite mines of Turkish Coal Enterprises are explained. The work was involved manual stopwatch surveys of shovel dig cycle times, estimation of bucket filling and hourly excavation capacity of shovels. The accumulated data is compared with the literature values in order to be evaluated in terms of ease of digging. The observed bucket size ranges of hydraulic and cable shovels varied from 2.5 to 10.5 and 4.5 to 25 yd3 respectively. The work efficiencies were established by considering observed and net outputs. Furthermore, the performance results were cooperated with geotechnical data to define the ease of digging
International Journal of Mining Reclamation and Environment


Stability analyses of the dump site culvert in Tınaz surface mine
Özcan, Ömer Can; Ünal, Erdal; Department of Mining Engineering (2003)
In this thesis, studies associated with the stability analyses of the box-shaped dump-site culvert constructed in Tınaz Surface Mine of Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKİ) are presented. In addition, stability conditions of other culvert alternatives are evaluated. Existence of creeks in a surface mining area is a significant factor to be considered in selection of dump-site location. Since, the dumped overburden material on the valley acts as a barrier and behaves like a dam causing flood problem behind the dum...
Slope stability assessment of a re-activated landslide on the Artvin-Savsat junction of a provincial road in Meydancik, Turkey
Topsakal, Ebru; Topal, Tamer (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2015-03-01)
The purpose of this study is to determine the most suitable remediation techniques for an active landslide area in Turkey, using a geological engineering assessment of a re-activated landslide that occurred during the construction of the Artvin-Savsat Junction on the Meydancik Provincial Road, at Km: 12 + 200. For this, the geotechnical parameters of the mobilized geological material-which is colluvium along the sliding surface-were determined by back analyses of the landslide at three geological sections. ...
Convergence behaviour - Packing relations of full extraction gate roadways at OAL lignite mine
ISTANBULLUOGLU, YS; Karpuz, Celal (1997-09-01)
This paper describes the results of convergence measurements conducted about five years for the re-use gate roadways at OAL lignite mine in Turkey. Double lignite seams separated with a marn layer, are mined with longwall retreating mining system at the mine. Rib pillar has been abandoned and gate roadways were planned to be packed for the re-use of full extraction. Various packing systems have been attempted, namely three rows of wooden chock, one row of wooden chock plus concrete wall and concrete wall on...
Performance Assessment of Turkish Residential Buildings for Seismic Damage and Loss Estimation
Un, Elif M.; Erberik, Murat Altuğ; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül (2015-04-01)
This study aims to present an integrated method in a probabilistic manner for seismic performance assessment of Turkish residential buildings, which can be used as a tool to estimate earthquake losses due to structural damage. In particular, the objective is to determine the performances of different types of residential buildings for predicting the potential seismic loss in terms of casualties (death toll) for a highly populated city in northwestern Turkey. The main phases of this study are seismic hazard,...
Cost efficiency analyses of steel frameworks for economical design of multi-storey buildings
Hasançebi, Oğuzhan (2017-01-01)
In the present study cost efficiencies of various steel frameworks are investigated for economical design of multistorey buildings. A total of thirteen steel frames that incorporate various types of beam-column connection and bracing configuration are considered for detailed and comparative cost analyses. The three multi-storey buildings consisting of 10, 20 and 30 floors are stiffened according to each of the thirteen steel frameworks to yield thirty-nine test frames for numerical applications. First desig...
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