Foreign Voices in Crime Fiction 1900 1950

In-Between: Essays and Studies in Literary Criticism


Foreign domestic workers in Turkey : a new form of trafficking in women?
Ege, Gamze; Acar, Feride; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2002)
Foreign patronage mechanisms in the contentious episode in Syria: 2011-2012
Kaya, Mustafa; Yıldırım, Erdoğan; Department of Middle East Studies (2015)
This thesis aims to understand the effect of the foreign patronage networks on particular Syrian contentious actors during 2011-2012, the episode which is characterized as the formative period of Syrian uprising. Tracing the Charles Tilly’s contentious politics approach, in this thesis three main mechanisms, co-optation, outside certification, and coalition formation which are combined into foreign patronage process, are examined throughout three main currents of the Syrian opposition. Although it is expect...
Foreign patronage mechanisms in the contentious episode in Syria: 2011-2012
Türkoğlu, Fatma; Çelik, Birten; Department of Middle East Studies (2015)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the union activities of the Federation of Revolutionary Workers Trade Union (Dev-İş) at the Cyprus Turkish Industry Holding Enterprises Ltd. Company (the Industrial Holdings) in Northern Cyprus. Dev-İş was created on 30 November 1976 by the merger of three trade unions whose members were working at different business sectors operating in Northern Cyprus. These were Revolutionary General Work Trade Union (DGİS), The United Public, Cooperative, Agricultural & Other Service...
Different facets of new middle classness: a case study in the city of Ankara
Karademir, Irmak; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Department of Sociology (2009)
The aim of this study is to understand the class character of the new middle class,that is defined as white-collar workers through the bulk of the class literature. To achieve this aim, two sets of research questions, operating both on the objective and subjective levels, have been developed. The first set of questions are; “What are the objective conditions (such as economic capital, cultural capital,gender/age composition and class background) of the people who belong to the new middle class defined as wh...
Foreign ownership, survival and growth dynamics in Turkish manufacturing
Taymaz, Erol; Yilmaz, Kamil (2014-01-01)
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