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Recent Submissions

Displays of co-constructed content knowledge using translanguaging in breakout and main sessions of online EMI classrooms
Bozbıyık, Merve; Balaman, Ufuk; Işık Güler, Hale (2024-02-01)
There is a growing research interest in the dynamics of English Medium Instruction (EMI) university classroominteractions in non-Anglophone contexts. In the present study, we track the procedural unfolding of contentknowle...
Supervision Models and Supervisory Feedback in English Language Teacher Education: A Meta-Synthesis Study Adopting a Discourse Analytic Perspective
KOÇ, FATMA ŞEYMA; Savaş, Perihan (2024-02-01)
This meta-synthesis reviewed and synthesized the findings of 53 studies on supervisory post-conferences and feedback with a total of 807 participants published between 2004-2023. The aim of this meta-synthesis was to illus...
A conversation analytic investigation into displays of expertise of different tutors in small group clinical skills training
Bozbıyık, Merve; Demirören, Meral; Turan, Sevgi (2024-01-01)
Clinical skills training requires a comprehensive understanding of how tutors demonstrate their knowledge, and fulfil their tutoring practices in medical education. This study aims to investigate expertise demonstration of...
Investigating EFL teacher candidates’ acceptance and self-perceived self-efficacy of augmented reality
Okumuş, Ayşegül; Savaş, Perihan (2024-01-01)
The mixed-methods sequential explanatory design study presented here sought to investigate the acceptance and self-perceived self-efficacy of Augmented Reality technology among English as a Foreign Language teacher candida...
Understanding cognitive and language development in refugees: Evidence from displaced syrian children in Turkey
Yeter, Özlem; Evcen, Ebru; Rabagliati, Hugh; Özge, Duygu (2024-01-01)
The present study introduces systematic data on the cognitive and linguistic abilities of refugee children. We tested 9–10 year-old Syrian refugee children (N = 25) on their cognitive abilities (i.e., working memory, shift...
Training on Using Corpora in EFL Classrooms: Perceptions of Pre-Service Teachers
Köse, Berkcan; Kuru Gönen, S. İpek (2023-12-28)
This study investigated the perceptions of 108 Turkish pre-service EFL teachers (PSTs) at a state university in Turkey regarding integrating corpora into language classrooms after the two-week training conducted. Despite t...
The Dutiful Daughters of the British Empire: Psychosocial Topology of The British Hospital in Smyrna
Birlik, Nurten; Kocabiyik, Orkun; Baktir, Hasan (2023-12-01)
Scholarship on the accounts of the Western travellers about the Ottoman Empire focuses on some commonly known writers only, and Ismeer, or Smyrna, and its British hospital in 1855, by a lady [M. Nicol] remains neglected. I...
Negation That Isn't
Gracanın Yüksek, Martına (2023-12-01)
In this paper I investigate the ne & mldr;ne construction in Turkish, illustrated by Ne Ali ne (de) Esra geldi 'Neither Ali nor Esra arrived'. The meaning of the ne & mldr;ne construction roughly corresponds to the meaning...
Between teacher candidates’ reflection and teacher educators’ evaluation: Fluctuations in epistemic (a)symmetry in feedback conversations
Topal, Pınar; Yiğitoğlu Aptoula, Nur (2023-11-01)
A conversation analytic investigation on expertise Demonstration in community pharmacy interaction
Deniz, Elif Ulutaş; Bozbıyık, Merve (2023-11-01)
Objective: In recent years, there have been incresing numbers of the studies based on pharmacist communication skills in community pharmacy. However, different expertise knowledge provision within community pharmacy intera...
Has online learning changed the way we teach and study?: Student evaluation of teachers’ pedagogical skills during the first COVID-19 period and potential change in their learning habits
DELIBEGOVIC DZANIC, NIHADA; Hatipoğlu, Çiler; Milosevska, Lina; Gajek, Elbieta (2023-10-01)
At the beginning of 2020, few people could imagine that the new coronavirus, COVID-19, would impact that many aspects of our lives and change the content, structure, and teaching methods we knew before. Many language teach...
Twitter-based analysis of anti-refugee discourses in Turkiye
Yilmaz, Fahri; Elmas, Tugay; Eröz Tuğa, Betil (2023-06-01)
As the number of refugees in Turkiye continues to grow, the constructed discourse of welcoming refugees with open arms has weakened, transforming the image of refugees from 'guests' to 'threats'. Social media platforms are...
English language testing and evaluation course in English language teacher education programs in Türkiye: Who, what, and how?
Şahin, Sevgi ; Hatipoğlu, Çiler (2023-06-01)
It’s A Stray Dog’s Life, by Maximillian Sam
Birlik, Nurten (2023-05-01)
Professional identity development of English teachers: A data-driven model
Coşgun, Gamze Erdem; Savaş, Perihan (2023-04-01)
A corpus-based genre analysis of promotional-informational discourse in online painting exhibition overviews
Işık, Elvan Eda (2023-04-01)
Online painting exhibition overviews (OPEOs) on websites of art museums and galleries not only promote on-site exhibitions, but also inform and educate the public who might have a limited background in art. Embedding both ...
Emotional labor and emotional capital: An interpretive phenomenological analysis of teachers of English
Ghyasi, Majid; Gürbüz, Nurdan (2023-04-01)
An emotionally charged situation for a teacher of English necessitates hiding certain emotions (emotional labor) though using the experience of the event can enable her to benefit from similar encounters in the future (emo...
The production and perception of Turkish evidentiality markers by Turkish-German returnees
Kaya-Soykan, Didem; Antonova-Unlu, Elena; Sağın Şimşek, Sultan Çiğdem (2023-03-01)
The study contributes to research on the development of the heritage language after return to the country of origin and examines whether the ultimate attainment of the heritage grammar after many years of residing in the c...
Building the expert teacher prototype: A metasummary of teacher expertise studies in primary and secondary education
Anderson, Jason; Taner, Gülden (2023-02-01)
While expert teachers remain a frequent focus of research in education, to date there have been very few attempts to conduct systematic reviews of this literature. This paper presents the findings of the first systematic m...
Designing a complementary e-mentoring program for pre-service ELT teachers: online co-mentoring project
Kaçar, Işıl Günseli; Baltacı, Hasan Şerif (2023-01-01)
In this qualitative study, we designed an online mentoring program to complement school-based mentoring to enrich the quality of existing mentoring experiences and explored the impact of this project on the professional de...
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