Media’s role on motivators of family engagement.

Filik Uyanık, Rabia
Demircan, Hasibe Özlen


Media portrayal of labor movements : a case study on the press coverage of Seydişehir eti aluminum privatization
Ertürk, Burcu; Çakmur, Barış; Department of Media and Cultural Studies (2008)
This thesis analyzes media coverage of the labor movements by taking main underlying dynamics into the attention, in which the neo-liberal policy implementations ideologically contradict with the will of the workers. The media representation of working class will be evaluated on the base of the most striking contradictory area, privatization. The study will generally discuss the main dynamics before going through the news analyses of four national and nine local newspapers. This news of national and local m...
Mass Media and Intensive Mothering Predict Motivators of Mother Engagement in Children’s Education
Filik-Uyanık, Rabia; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (2021-01-01)
The aim of this exploratory and descriptive study was to investigate the links between motherhood-related variables and the determinants of the motivators behind mothers’ engagement decisions related to their children’s education. Specifically, the purpose of the study was to examine the associations between mothers’ media exposures and belief systems and the motivators of their engagement decisions. In a quantitative study of 1027 mothers (Mage= 32.91 years) with young children, the participants reported t...
Communication in academic context and job satisfaction: Research assistants’ perspective
Dolunay Cuğ, Fevziye; Ceylandağ, Rana; Barutçu Yıldırım, Kadriye Funda (null; 2012-09-15)
Media Ownership Control - To what extent is competition law and policy sufficient to provide for diversity and plurality in the media?
Bilir, Hakan (Science And Technology Policies Research Center, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), 2005)
Media and democracy. A comparative case study on the press Belgrano and Kocatepe affairs
Dündar, Can; Kaya, Raşit; Department of Political and Administrative Sciences (1988)
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