Metadiscourse across Genres: Uncovering Textual and Interactional Aspects of Texts

Hatipoğlu, Çiler
Bayyurt Kerestecioğlu, Yasemin


Metadiscourse across Genres: Uncovering Textual and Interactional Aspects of Texts
Hatipoğlu, Çiler; Bayyurt Kerestecioğlu, Yasemin (Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2017-05-01)
Taking metadiscourse as their starting point, the contributions to this edited volume focus both on the interactive and cross-cultural aspects of written texts from varying genres. Using rich and innovative data collection and analysis methods, comparing and contrasting patterns in frequently studied (English, Japanese) with understudied (Turkish, Russian/Ukrainian) languages, and relating empirical data to a web of theoretical frameworks, the articles in this book clearly display the variety, complexity an...
Uluçay, Çiğdem; Hatipoğlu, Çiler (2017-04-01)
metafictional narrative techniques used to create self-voiding ficitonal words in the Black prince and Gece.
Keçeci, Dilek; Karabaş, Seyfi; Department of English Literature (1993)
Metadiscourse analysis of digital interpersonal interactions in academic settings in Turkey
Hatipoğlu, Çiler (null; 2019-08-20)
Rapid technological advances, efficiency and easy access have firmly established emailing as a vital medium of communication in the last decades. Nowadays, all around the world, particularly in educational settings, the medium is one of the most widely used modes of interaction between students and university lecturers. Despite their important role in academic life, very little is known about the metadiscursive characteristics of these e-messages and as far as the author is aware there is no study that has ...
Metadiscourse Variations across Academic Genres: Rhetorical Preferences in Textual and Interpersonal Markers
Hatipoğlu, Çiler (2018-08-01)
It is now commonly accepted that academic discourses tend to provide venues for participants to interact where the producer needs to display an awareness of the audience, and metadiscourse (MD) is the set of tools enabling the involved parties to establish relationships. MD strategies allow writers to project themselves into their work, signal their communicative intention, influence their readers and align, and distance themselves from cited materials (Hyland,1998, 2005a, 2005b). The problem is, however, t...
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Ç. Hatipoğlu and Y. Bayyurt Kerestecioğlu, Metadiscourse across Genres: Uncovering Textual and Interactional Aspects of Texts. 2017.