Open-Source Big Data Analytics Architecture for Businesses

Unaware of existing big data technologies, organizations fail to develop a big data capability despite its disruptive impact on today's competitive business environment. To determine the shortcomings and strengths of developing a big data architecture with open-source tools from technical and managerial perspectives, this study (1) systematically reviews the available open-source big data technologies to present a comprehensive picture, and (2) proposes an open-source architecture for businesses to take as a reference while developing big data analytics capabilities. Lastly, we discuss technical, domain-specific, and firm-specific soft challenges related to establishing a big data architecture in an organization, and how these challenges are reshaping the big data research domain.
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M. O. Gökalp, K. Kayabay, A. Koçyiğit, and P. E. Eren, “Open-Source Big Data Analytics Architecture for Businesses,” 2020, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: