Celal Esad Arseven’xxs History of Architecture between the Past and the Present



Çevre Kale : applications of newly developed methods, technology and data for understanding the iron age city in Yaraşlı
Özgüner, Nimet Pınar; Summers, Geoffrey; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2006)
The purpose of this thesis is to test the validity of applications of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems in Anatolian archaeology. The focus of the study is an Iron Age fortress Çevre Kale and its associated structures. During the course of the study, 5 km long outer wall enclosing a territory around Çevre Kale documented for the first time by employing high altitude aerial imagery. In addition to the GIS analyses, examination of the geology, land use and soil quality data showed that the o...
Sedad Hakkı Eldem's typological analysis of the "Turkish House" as a tool for an operative design methodology.
Özbil, N. Ayşe; Bilsel, Cana; Department of Architecture (2002)
Günay, Öykü; Altan, Tomris Elvan; Department of History of Architecture (2021-9-1)
This study is an attempt to understand the architectural practice of Ahmet Kadri Erkman (1928-2015), an architect who produced numerous buildings around the country but specifically in Ankara. Erkman graduated from the Fine Arts Academy (Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Akademisi) in 1951 and started his professional career at the beginning of the 1950s. He worked in the institutional architecture office of İş Bankası between 1962 and 1994, and also as a freelance architect for the market for more than thirty years. A...
Tezer Özlü: a marginal voice against the approved notion of the intellectual
Simavi, Zeynep; Coşkunoğlu Bear, Ayten; Erdoğan, Necmi; Department of Media and Cultural Studies (2006)
This thesis analyzes both Tezer Özlü’s life as an intellectual and her novels, The Chilly Nights of Childhood and Journey to the End of Life, in order to demonstrate Özlü’s portrayal of the inner life of the intellectual in her works and her unique way of expressing the effects of the political circumstances of the time on the individual intellectual. Through an analysis of her works from the standpoint of trauma theory, this study aims to demonstrate that Özlü is engaged with the political problems of the ...
Seljuk Architecture and Urbanism in Anatolia
Peker, Ali Uzay (Kültür Bakanlığı Yayınları, 2010-01-01)
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